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  • wswizard11 wswizard11 May 15, 2008 4:53 PM Flag

    Tell supporters

    Even those who gave him a credit for predicting qtr. numbers for PAL should admit that his daily cheerleading and the claims of buying every day on margin (up to the margin limit)are very weird to say the least. how one can buy more and more on margin and be dependant on the daily stock price fluctuations. Nothing goes straight up forever and PAL will have like everything else its down days. What Tell is going to get on the down day when he is maxed out on margin---Margin Call!

    He spent some time researching metals and as far as the current information is concerned, he sounds most of the time credible. As far as business side, rational behavior, investing discipline, good stock advise.... he is clueless.

    Of course, you can give him all credits in world for guessing numbers on PAL (he completely missed numbers earlier last week on SWC), but also see him for what he really is either cluless gambler, liar or pumper

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    • "GO TELLI ON THE MOUNTAIN, OVER THE HILL AND EVERY WHERE" All i know is PAL is just starting its run! BE THERE! Long my PAL

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      • I have been critical of tellie(check my posts) since the last CC, as I really believed his "unsold metals" argument...when it didnt pay off, i was annoyed, especially when he didnt ask about it at the CC, BUT BUT BUT, you CANNOT argue that his DD did payoff this time....he got it can hold to your opinion that he guessed or w/e you believe (especially after your name calling thing with him), but I really don't think it can be argued that
        1) he did get a positive Q estimate right, when it definitely didnt look that way
        2) he spreads the word across many boards and many screen names about PAL, which cant hurt us
        3)he brings alot of info to the board...i get sick of posts from ppl foolishly short (or long), just making ludicrous predictions...while tellie can sometimes get a bit excited, I RESPECT HIS EFFORT...keep up the good work

    • Why would I wait till margin call? I always sell a little bit to keep myself away from margin call. even if I do run into margin call you have 3 or 4 days to take care of it, and the stock may take care of itself in a few days.

      The good thing is as the share price drop and you are forced to sell to preserve margin, you also know that the shares become cheaper to buy as well, on the way back up. So as long as you do not just sell and walk away, you are OK.

      Pushing extreme margin is highly risky but highly profitable, if you really know what you are buying. I have 100% confidence in PAL going up at least 10 fold in the next few years. I am determined to make at least 100 fold on this opportunity!

    • It's a free country and until Microsoft takes over a free Yahoo board. You're not going to get rid of Tellie, most of us like him to boot. So why don't your carry your short baggage with you and leave the board.