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  • wswizard11 wswizard11 Jul 30, 2008 11:11 AM Flag

    How long it would last?

    I am used to PAL long declines and willing to hold it longer, but at this point I need to put a low limit. I can not afford to hold and buy this stock regardless of the price like Tellie did or ignore days and days of continiuous decline.

    My low limit is 3.50. At that point, I'll be selling

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    • right.
      look at WCI from 3.5 to 1.5 then never came back.

      PAL will do the same.

      stop your loss.

    • i have to eat vegi salad every day to save money.
      losing money on every stock i bought.
      i am cursed.

    • PAL is holding much better consider how much platinum and palladium dropped today.

      You need to re-exam your understanding of the PGM metals market. If you now start to believe that the metals are bearish, sell now, don't wait till $3.50. If you still believe the metals are bullish and we are only seeing a correction, then hold on.

      Do your own DD and then decide what you want to do. It's for your own good. An important clue is PGMs now goes up and down with gold and silver. Do you think gold/silver are bullish or bearish at this point?

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      • PAL has been heading south for a long time. Most longs here would have been far better off to have unloaded their stock much earlier eventhough it meant taking a loss. Now would be an excellent time to load up on PAL IMO. Stops are good, and we should learn to use them more frequently. We also need to rely more on ourselves, and less on others who claim to know what they are doing, when making buy, hold, or sell decisions. SS

      • PD and PT are most definately following Gold. Several articals at Kitco think the HUI is at a bottom. If 400 doesn't hold they place the bottom at 380. Any ways what they think will happen is that within five days (or even today) a bottom will be in. August will be a coonsolidation month, september the begining of a ralley (in gold) which will last till the end of the year. I can't afford to buy any more, but I think this area is a good entry point.

      • Check out today's trade volume of ETF Securities platinum and palladium funds.

        The physical platinum fund traded 4160 shares, worth 416 ounces of platinum. The physical palladium fund traded a bit more at 75055 shares (yesterday it was 2856 shares), worth 7505 ounces of palladium.

        What a pathetic low volume compare with ETF Security's total physical metal holdings.