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  • ojzitro ojzitro Apr 27, 2010 1:24 PM Flag

    Looks like good short at $5

    DXY was 74 in Dec 09.
    Palladium spot was 360-370.

    DXY touching 82 today.
    Palladium spot 545-560.

    Dollar has had ZERO effect on PM's.

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    • ... CONFIDENT!" - My hero Warren Buffet!

      I have been following Warren the last few years and overall have learned a lot and done fairly well.

      Today's panic over some minor countries bonds (that have been known basket cases for years) is one of the last opportunities to load up on PD/PL stocks before the GREAT SURGE!

      THE FUNDAMENTALS HAVE NOT CHANGED! Indeed today the consumer confidence index is trading upward and yesterday Whirlpool surged to over a $100 - a 10% gain! Why? Manufacturing is SURGING WORLD WIDE!

      Remember palladium is used somehow in the manufacture of one out of every four things made!

      I am buying more SWC. PAL I am pretty loaded up on and want to see them actually start mining that PD in some quantity before buying more.


    • Respectfully, I disagree. Dollar has a major influence in PM movement. Take a look at 5 year charts. Picking Dec 09 is strange because it was the turning point in a much larger trend line - itll take a bit to catch up. For example: ~Dec09: gold hit max, silver hit max, BDI maxed, dollar hit min, oil topped out, etc etc. The notable exceptions were Platinum & palladium, which only paused briefly in Dec09, rather than top. This is a largely because there arent large hedges on Pt & Pd, while Au and Ag have lots of hedges. In a way, Pt and Pd have become better indicators of true value of the dollar than gold. Relating back to PAL, we see dollar influence, as well as the very nice Pd influence, making PAL a strong performer.