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  • rmac378 rmac378 May 20, 2010 4:01 PM Flag


    Hey Buddy,

    We read your war stories about the ticker tape, 1.2 pt spreads and stock quotes on chalk boards with your 50 years of experience. In return you led us all to slaughter what is your position now that we've all been bleed dry.

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    • Max,

      I know you MAY be buying more, but that is of no debatable worth. Of the 178 million, how much was through dilution of shareholders value? And, if this mild pushback in palladium prices gets any worse, they will be producing the palladium at COST.

      The only positive thing that have going right now is their gold mines. That's it.

    • This is why I am holding PAL:
      Delivering on vision to build a diversified mid-tier precious metals company operating in mining friendly jurisdictions Lac des Iles palladium mine in production, expected to produce 140,000 ounces per year Sleeping Giant gold mine in production, ramping up to 50,000 ounces per year Significant commitment to palladium and gold exploration Robust pipeline of projects to increase palladium and gold production Experienced senior management and operating teams Strong balance sheet, $178 million cash and no long-term debt.

      You forget I may be buying more here.

    • MAX,

      While you are breaking even, I'll be up 50% if I bought PAL right here. So champ, do not discredit the youth that has saved himself money. Never forget that even in old age, we have much to learn.

      There are at least 4-7 more years of turbulence, buy and hold of a palladium miner is the dumbest advice any broker could be giving out.

    • No it doesn't make me a good one?

      Always in the top 10 producers having over 500 accounts, brought 3 companies public....2 oil, 1 silver and gold producer.

      The oil company I am in brings me @ $5000 in royalties

      I am down 35% on PAL...not 40% on all other investments combined. If you count from 1963 to today, I am up 500,000%

      I started with $400.

      I am sure I will outlast your criticism....when PAL is back up, you'll disappear.

    • Max,

      Do tell, did you tell your clients to keep holding through other 40% losses? I don't doubt you were a broker, that does not make you a good one.

    • Max,

      You did a few weeks ago have your supposed wife on here claiming you were an unstoppable force. As well you were breagging about how you've been in the game 50 yrs and know more than most everyone. While you were at it you continued pumping PAL when it was above 5 and bashing all naysayers. If you are as experienced as you claim I would think either stop losses, puts or selling calls would be part of your strategy. I jnow you couldn't predict Greece although that is old news and you were pumping way after that news was known. So I guess you were the type of broker that bought high and sold low? At any rate I'm long now and hope we both make money but this time don't let it slip through your fingers.

    • I think you are full of it...what the hell you are talking about being wrong. I am wrong right now for the short term. I have been in stocks over the years, and some stocks were held for a couple of you realize that if you bought Apple 7 years ago under $ were wrong for the short term,,but ou la la look at it now.
      So stop riding with your nonsense....I was a broker, principal for over 25 years, I hold a BA in mathematics....I spent my first years at Aerospace charting missiles hoping they don't explode;so many did....on on and on.

      I am not interested in painting stories, I just tell it the way it happened...jealous?

    • What a bunch of crying babies.

      Seems that you folks have a problem with accepting responsibility for your decisions just like the crooks in Congress and the WH.

      It's your money, your choice and your risk. The information and opinions that you got from this and any other board is strictly opinion. If you were paying money for the advice or opinion then you might have a justification to bitch.

      How you react is your own problem.

      Grow up children and learn to be responsible for your choices.

    • I am a high risk investor.

    • 20% of your portfolio in one (speculative) stock seems high especially at our age. :-) Personally I limit myself to 8% or so. Once above 8% will not a add to the position and will reduce it if becomes 12% (by stock rising). My top 10 holdings (including CASH of 12%) are 60% of my portfolio. Actually up Year-to-date but think today will put me in red for the year.

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