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  • abehaus abehaus Dec 11, 2012 6:02 PM Flag

    News releases

    Wow looks like they gave us a ton of information to dissect. This looks bad from the perspective of additional workload on us tiny investors but good for the company's stock :)

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    • Up 1.39% on pre-market. Is this the start to run?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hollywoodharpo Dec 11, 2012 11:48 PM Flag

      Full of words like- SHOULD,COULD,IF,BELIEVED TO BE,EXPECTED TO ! All mumbling #$%$. ZERO substance . once AGAIN PATHETIC RAMBLING

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      • I read the release with interest, but couldn't agree more. The big question I have is why did they make any release. What was their goal in such a release. What are they trying to accomplish? There should, without a doubt, be a summary section which highlights the releases relevance. This is college writing 101. What a waste of time and space.

    • The only thing I see of near-term significance is the increased activity in the Sheriff zone. SZ is brownfields and looks like may be possible to be pit minded. That would be cheap(er) and quick(er) to bring on-line. Mill has plenty of capacity.

      Ignore anything described as "greenfields". Anything output from a greenfield project would be a handful of years away.

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      • Bell, what about the info on the LDI mine mentioned?

        "New underground drilling platforms are being prepared and the Company expects to have two drills operating in the Offset Zone by mid-January...."

        Wont that potentially add capacity in mid-January?

      • I think it kind of depends. If they can locate some near surface ore that can be accessed with an open pit, I'm thinking it might not take very long to put into production.

        Permitting I suppose might take some time but not sure as to a ball park estimate of how long.

        " All of these PGE greenfields properties are located within 30 kilometres of the LDI mine and mill complex, and all have the potential to deliver new resources and additional feed to the mill."

    • QE4 coming?

      Right now the Fed has pumped up the bond market to where the number of outstanding and junk bonds are higher than at the height of the fiscal crisis in 07. On CNBC today, one analyst said that interest rates should be at least at 4% and most experts will tell you that an investor should strive for at least a return of 7% to compensate for REAL INFLATION and get a small return. On the contrary fixed rate returns are falling and we have the bizarre situation now in Europe of NEGATIVE rates of return: in other words you pay them to take your money!

      This GREAT PONZI scheme can't go on as banks are drowning in computer cash. Sooner or later investors will come to their senses and FLOOD INTO METALS as the REAL STOREHOUSE OF VALUE! And then they , especially pt and pd, WILL SOAR!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • If your post is in reference to the 'exploration update' from the company, it looks like a waste of print! No meat on them bones? What is the purpose of the release? It is kind of like announcing you just went on a trip....but left out all the details. How about some drilling results? Why announce to shareholders that you are drilling a bunch of holes in the rock???