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  • Fully expect new CEO will be announced during the week, and also expect news about selling off the gold assets on the day earnings are due.If both do happen , share price will be well over 2 USD.
    So the future looks good , money in the ground and the company is getting it out,at the same time Sth Africian mines shutting down, PD metal prices well over 700 usd.
    I could not predict how high the stock could go, however I could not believe the stock was at 1.18 a few mths ago

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    • I believe, CEO announcement before the conference will be a great news but even if it does not happen, that should be fine.
      They already have presentation with slides, which they already have prepared and they may only go confirming those views. In these type of conferences, they can not divulge any new information and what they have prepared projects a good picture of where they stand and where they are going. It is a positive forward looking slide presentation.

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    • Ideally...they would do that
      Ideally'...they would clarify all the other unknowns (capex, need for financing, etc)
      Ideally...they would emerge from a world of darkness and opacity
      Ideally...they would begin to act like a grown up company
      Ideally...they would be forthright about such things as shaft delays
      Shiver Me Timbers

      "A hero who sneezed abrutly seized retreat and reversed it to victory"
      Ideally...I'd rather have F-Troop in charge than the current gang of thieves.
      Where's Jack Sparrow? Where's the Black Pearl?

    • If what you say is true, in the first paragraph,I agree. In reading this week's Barron's, the macro environment is about as good as it gets. However, never underestimate PAL's ability to #$%$ defeat from the jaws of victory! How many times have we seen the markets, metals, and especially pd...SOAR ... and PAL going the other way!!!

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      • Pace "However, never underestimate PAL's ability to #$%$ defeat from the jaws of victory!"

        Think you nailed that with this stand alone CFO announcement. Begs question who, if anyone,is counseling this co? The CFO announcement confirms many worst fears about ultimate timetable for more info and a CEO. I liked fact we preciously had a belt and suspenders with CEO and pirates out there. suspenders. Go pirates! Tick tock tick tock

    • I could. It's a poorly run company.