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  • enrgyflowers enrgyflowers Feb 15, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    I would not sell with the expected take over of PAL

    It appears to ripe for a takeover. And a miner in Canada said he would not be surprised one bit by that happening. The company has been poorly managed. The resource base on the PAL property is quite large. THey ahve a large milling operation and they have the new shaft. I am not sure where else one can go in the metals space to find a more compelling bargain. The metal price softened from the news out of Europe of slow growth. But that is not going to last all year, and supply disruption is already being felt.

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    • If you would not sell, why dont you just buy more instead of telling us what not to do? If you are so smart double down or are you just all talk?

    • Energy - Don't have the new shaft yet! Additionally, we've no idea what it will cost to ultimately bring it online. We also can rightly question when it comes online as they are 18 months late already and keep pushing the date out. I fully subscribe to takeover thesis and expect pirates sooner versus later, but this stock can very easily see $1.50 before it sees $1.90. If you ignore near term pain, you'll do fine, but I sold out yesterday and plan on coming back in either after next week's report or when the dilutive financing is completed (make no mistake, it IS coming).