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  • winsabokk winsabokk Mar 15, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    Reality In SA

    2 comments from an article about SA.

    My white brother in law's family live in Pretoria in an estate comprising about 20 houses, surrounded by a tall wall topped with razor wire. patrolled by armed guards. In the house, they are armed to the teeth. When they go out in their cars,they always have a pistol in the glove compartment, one in the driver's door pocket, and a pump action shotgun in the trunk. My sister told me when she visted there for the first - and last time, it has to be said - normal tasks such as going to the bank turn into a major operation. They swapped drivers inside the car, while he went in. He told her "keep the engine running, DON'T turn it off. DON'T open the window. If anyone comes anywhere near you, put your foot through the floor. Drive around the block, and look for my signal. Keep going around until you see me. Slow down in the road, but don't stop"

    All this just to visit a bank, with a car full of firearms. South Africa is ready to explode. When Mandela dies, it will be running red with white people's blood.
    I am a young Afrikaner. I had nothing to do with apartheid and I am not a racist. I am a very proud Afrikaner. I am very pleased to see there are some reporters that are willing to report on the Afrikaner Genocide. However it is not only the farmers that are murdered barbarically but all Afrikaners. It is estimated that a total of about 25 000 Afrikaners was murdered by African people since the fall of apartheid. That is 1% of the Afrikaner population in South Africa. I wonder what will happen if 1% of Canadians (about 300 000) are murdered by Italians or 1% of Germans (about 840 000) are murdered by Russians. Would the Western world still look the other way? Often African people would walk past my house, take down there pants and use my pavement as a toilet. I would not dare to confront them as I would probably be murdered and my wife and kids raped and murdered. If you don't live here you won’t have an idea what it is like.

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