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  • ontopform007 ontopform007 Apr 17, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    Not a peep from new CEO - already lost 25% of our company

    Excuses excuses

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    • It seems to me that this was a $7 stock and then a $6, $4, $3, $2 and now it is a $1.50 stock. This new CEO didn't have anything to do with losing that 80% of your company.

    • Ya might want to give the new CEO a few months to learn the ropes before blaming him. I'd like to hear from him as well, but this week's price action is clearly a response to palladium falling, not PAL specific.

      If you don't get why PAL is lower than it was years ago, while palladium is higher than then, take some time to read the last few years of post on this board and you'll understand what a dilutive impact past gold ventures have had on PPS. Hopefully, such foolishness is behind us now, but don't expect to see $8 tomorrow.

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      • As much as I try..The gold factor is inconsequential - we are talking a 5x current valuation 5 years ago with pd at 400!!! The last thing we need right now is for this guy not to prop the stock, to let the shareholders bare even more of the brunt of the bad luck story, to reshuffle and downsize, to delay the new shaft opening, to lay contingencies on pd price. There is no excuse at this time. We need positivity, optimistic growth forecasting, good mining figures . There is absolutely no excuse for this not being a $4 stock right now. We are tired of non performance. The new guy can leave straight away if he tells us this is going to be an uphill struggle. I feel we have climbed and clambered that hill already. No news at this time, with this company at almost an all time low is detrimental news.

      • It doesn't hurt to read the 2012 annual report to get a feel for where "the new guy" is headed. I know words are cheap but I still like his style.