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  • yinvestor yinvestor Apr 30, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    I am expecting a big company will take over this company due to the low stock price

    I am expecting a big company will take over this company due to the low stock price.
    I believe this will happen sooner or later.

    The book value is $1.42 and Palladium is one the of most precious and rare metal in the world.

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    • I am surprised that an offer has not been made yet. If I had the cash, I would like to buy the company at these cheap share prices. Their 100 mil debt and more money needed is the big deterrent, IMO. But I would think big money investors would look beyond that as trivial, as long as there is lots of palladium in the ground, and a shaft near completion.

    • You and me both! I just was reading in last week's Barron's about how mining and technology companies in stable areas are terribly undervalued and ripe takeover candidates.

      With SWC's strong earnings yesterday I think it is a very prime takeover target. But if PAL comes in, SOMEWHAT DECENTLY, I think it could even be a better takeover target since it has been so badly run and is more downtrodden than SWC. It could go for at least $3 and I think closer to $5 if things go badly in South Africa in May and auto sales continue their surge.

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      • Not many people here have the same insight as us.
        But most of the time, truth is in the hand of few.

        But don't put all the eggs in one basket due to the risk of this company.
        I only have very little allocation on this stock.

        Check out REGI, it's a pretty good and undervalued company.
        Good luck to you.

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