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  • crgmcroy crgmcroy Jul 21, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    norbert mizzi...a.k.a Blueballz

    The only money you make is "Day Tradeing" your wife is that for an insult!....NORBERT VON ENGSTROM

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    • Here's how phoney bigblue is. If PAL fades down from 1.18 today, he will post that he sold at 1.,18.

      If it goes to 1.19, that will be his sell .
      He's lost more money in the market than anyone I've seen. But he always buy at the very low and sell at the top.
      So predictable. Wait for his pst about PVG and IAG...that he doesn't own. lol

      • 1 Reply to philoffill
      • the #$%$ is a fraud and a delusional liar - whats worst is Norbert was trying to sell his #$%$ art on the venice board walk to idiot tourists stupid enough to buy his bullsheet. funny you don't see that worthless fraud posting at the harvest board no more after he repeatedly made an a.z.z. of himself there declaring that stock was going to be bankrupt by june and the stock worthless...since then the stock has just about doubled and blueballz nowhere to be found but here and the gullible idiot replying to him.......