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  • bellbell63 bellbell63 Jul 23, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Second Tranch FT shares priced

    8,.59M shares at 1.164

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    • Got 1.14 but missed 1.13 so far...

      The question is why Du toit is not releasing any LDI news and update about the shaft???

      Depending on the news it could trigger a rally instead and it is a milestone in my opinion that has been reached now for many days. Perhaps the update will be released tomorrow and back to 1.20?
      Really I do not understand this need of secrecy for PAL which has ONLY a negative impact.
      I start to believe Du Toit has no idea how to use decent pr in favor of shareholders...

      We shall see

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      • It might be wiser to wait until Q2 earnings cc to give an update so as to offset the bad earnings, thus by limiting day/swing trader volatility. jmho

      • Well, although I would like PR on LDI, CEO job is to manage the company not manage the stock. They have said they expect LDI P1 to be operational by the END of Q3. We are only 3 weeks into Q3. An announcement that the shaft has reached the target level might be misleading to those who don't realize that there is significant work yet to be done. If it is at 825, it is there whether announced or not - sorry traders. Early August along with Q2 report seems about the right time IMO. They will know more by then as to whether end Q3 is still possible. What I really would like is some info on is how they are planning to meet 250K without P2 as Du Toit implied. I think the loan covenant limits their capex to only P1.

      • alientech Jul 23, 2013 12:36 PM Flag

        I am just wondering why this company exists. It sure is not to create shareholder value since that went out of style decades ago. The tech bubble was just so a few insiders could make a bundle. Here it just looks like its to make some more management types a steady paycheck. No wonder the company is only worth less than the land it owns. Cause what ever is on that land costs more to work than its worth. Diluting another 10% so they can sink some more holes. What a business.