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  • martucci_jim martucci_jim Oct 20, 2013 6:22 AM Flag

    Early morning Sunday thinking.

    I have my doubts that NAP will be skip dumping (shaft extraction) on Monday. I would have thought that we would have that announcement behind us by now. This CC on Monday was scheduled weeks prior to the October 21rst date. If the skip dumping and CC happen exactly on October 21rst, then that is an amazing accomplishment to foresee so clearly in the future that actual start date. CFO stated last week that they are 4 weeks behind schedule (funny they didnt see that coming). NAP has never hit a date that exactly. I would think you have to agree that they are cutting it close.
    If they are not skip dumping then du Toit has committed two major errors. The first being his statement that NAP needed to go to Phase II to meet production goals in his first CC. The second is scheduling an investors conference to repeat the same old #$%$ I and many here have heard before.
    Bottom line, if not skip dumping Monday then Ontopform has been correct all along.

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    • Some Sunday evening thinking ... If NAP announces shaft production, it's should be quite good for PAL. It could be a double benefit they announce good news, while they also get some PLG/PTM switch-overs, given that PLG just hit a snag in their funding expectations late Friday.

      I own both, so have no hopes for such an event, but thought I'd post this as a possibility. One hope of mine is that PAL's gains will out-pace PLG's losses.

    • Stick to the charts and don't get tied up in your underwear.
      .89 cents is a buy or an add. Sell if it breaks per no bottom.
      KISS principle applies herein this Sunday morning.

    • It is almost 1pm here and I am ready to leave...

      Jim, you sound like an old warrior just before the next battle who cannot sleep and is tormented by its old demons and doubts.
      Be a Ceasar at the Rubicon and say "alea jacta est" the time to doubt and back down has past now my friend. Take some licorice and have a good night sleep like Alexander the great.

      Seriously thinking, I do not see Phil du Toit preparing for a disastrous CC, nothing was pushing him to set this CC on Monday? Am i mistaken?...
      If they cannot make it before or on Monday then Phil could have postponed a week or two and it did not.
      Most probably, Phil du Toit will announce hoisting has began (all they need is a test of hoisting within the frame of commissioning technically...).

      But seriously Jim, what few days will make of a difference anyway...few bucks in revenue? The psychological impact in the other hand can be high I agree.
      We are there...hoisting is here or in few days and phase I is completed as scheduled few days plus or minus. PAL said the shaft will be operational beginning of Q4 and it is exactly where we are at.

      Time to leave now...Talk to you on Tuesday and hopefully before if I can?