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  • mocwwwrb mocwwwrb Mar 12, 2014 11:19 AM Flag

    I don't want to hear complaining

    that I could have bought PAL at $0.47 . You all have an opportunity to get in now at $0.47. In 2 weeks, the price of palladium will be above $800 an ounce and platinum will be over $1600. Here is the reason. The strikes in S Africa are in full force and any settlement will involve at least a 35% raise in wages which will also mean a 35% raise in platinum prices. The higher platinum goes the more demand palladium will have. Lets already concede that Crimea will be taken over by Russia. That is a given. What we don't know is how much bloodshed will happen and how deep the sanctions will be. Everyone on this board will be amazed at how high precious metals will go. Finally, the autos on the road are older than ever.Vehicles on U.S. roads have never been older, now averaging 11.3 years. The demand for newer cars is coming. More platinum and palladium for catalytic converters. Sit by and watch the rally or participate but I don't want to hear crying on this board that I coulda, shoulda or woulda invested but I was scared off by the bashers

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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