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  • p14756 p14756 May 1, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    The most surprising thing is....

    The stock is down less than 1 cent.

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    • True dat that fact hasn't been lost on me either. I will continue to watch glty

    • Looks like Bank is the only entity making the money here. How come the stock is holding after 11c loss. Can some one explain. No jokes please

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      • Because things at the mine are improving quarter over quarter. Palladium pricing is up, tonnage is up, mined tonnage from the shaft is up, cash cost is a lot lower than expected, and the mine seems to be transitioning and optimizing the shaft well. Now the next quarter will be more important than this quarter because these things need to continue. This company blew threw $250 million dollars last year to complete this shaft and given the guidance palladium mining only increased by 10,000 ounces per year from 2012 to this years guidance. If this is true the company will not be able to pay its debt.

        On to another issue. Q2 2014 the company's revolving credit facility loans come due. This is around $32 million dollars. This is what the second debenture offering is going to pay for I assume. Then during Q3 the company has another $32.1 million dollar payment due on the BAM loan. But Q4 has no loans due except the quarterly payment of the 7.5% debentures which I figure the company owes nearly $100 million of so probably about $2 million per quarter. But hopefully by Q4 the company becomes profitable again. If it does that would open up the credit facility to the company. Right now that facility is good for about $70 million dollars but it only becomes available if the company can show a profit. So the company is executing on the mining end of things now the question becomes can the mine be financially operational?

      • The day is not over.......unfortunately!