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  • bellbell63 bellbell63 Jul 30, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    Conf call

    One particular thing about the conf call - there were maybe only 5 questions from 2 analysts. Last year there we so many questions that Q/A had to end at the time limit. Guess no one significant follows or cares about PAL anymore. Number of analysts estimating Yahoo earnings was ONE. No one listening anymore.

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    • I'm not sure if your characterization is correct, but last year there was a lot of uncertainty regarding the transition to and financing of the shaft and availability of resources in the Roby Zone. Now the questions pretty much relate to growth opportunities and whether they are executing to plan, which they appear to achieving.

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      • the only solution is get rid of brookfield capital

      • What surprised me was that considering they have only 19M cash (as of today) there was no question about need for financing. Yes, you can consider the lack of questions either widespread indifference or complete comfort in their plans and what they said. I have to go with the former.

        As to achieving plans, don't go by what PdT says but what PAL reports e.g. 2900 TPD?
        I know the excuses.

        Add still no reporting all-in costs or all in sustaining costs

        So let's make PdT job easier and start a list of excuses he can use at Q3 cc.

        - Lost several weeks because of unfortunate fatality.
        - residual safety issues
        - Still having crusher problem with large size muck
        - time lost to reconfigure mill to one ball mill running full-time
        - lack of trained miners
        - changes to stope strategy and tactics
        - mgt time lost looking for additional financing
        - delays caused by excessive eqpt fleet downtime and maintanance
        - phasing in of new fleet and operator training

        Feel free to add.

    • 2 questions from u . hahahha