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  • dkwilk dkwilk Aug 16, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    ND wells on confidential

    bruces blog is reporting today. don
    Currently, 2,029 Wells On The Confidential List

    The highest number of wells on the confidential list that I have seen is 2,117 (I don't recall when that was) since I started blogging four or five years ago (the original blog was deleted, and re-started back in 2009, I believe). I'm losing track of time.

    Currently, there are 2,029 wells on the confidential list.
    It looks like we will see a record number of wells coming off the confidential list for the month of September, next month when 186 wells will come off the confidential list.

    Then, in October, another record: 199.
    And, looking a bit farther into the future, it looks like we might see an all-time record for the number of wells coming off the confidential list for any month when 206 wells come off the confidential list in January, 2014. Compare that to 154 in January, 2013 (one year earlier).
    Although the number will creep up over time, in a Director's Cut just a few months ago, it was said that only 90 wells/month are needed to come off the confidential list to maintain production (if I am reading the comments correctly).

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    • The reason is that the E&P's have for the most part finished scatter drilling to hold the leases and now are drilling whole sections from multi-well pads. Also a lot more facilities for finishing wells, disposing of water and carrying off the oil & gas.

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      • Many E+P companies now switching to Multiple well 3-8 or more wells per pad , ( some stock tickers are OAS, CLR,WLL,KOG,HK ) will have Lumpy earnings cause they will have a whole batch of new wells in one qtr and may not have any/many in the next.. Also when they go to fracc these they will usually shut in all close wells for awhile..
        in talking with Bruce, in the future I told him I see the E+P companies drilling more in Jan-May ( end of winter and get thru the ND Mud season) rent the surface near this well pad and then haul in all the sand/ and other things they need , reuse the frac water and then frac and complete the wells for a month 6 weeks.. kinda like mini factory work in the field.. save diesel and wear and tear on the roads, which fall apart with semi- traffic in the mud season..
        If you never been to Eastern MT or western ND you have never seen this type of Gumbo..don

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