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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Dec 30, 2011 7:47 PM Flag

    Sold 42,555 at 15 cents today.

    Shares that I bought at a .066 average, a week ago. Couldn't resist that kind of quick flip.

    Still have 23,000 shares.

    Anyone want to buy 'em for .1995 next week? [lol]

    EZdeek, I thought you were a trader, at heart, buying bankrupt companies like Borders for 1.1 cents, and flipping them for 1.6 cents. What happened? [lol]

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    • Because it just kills me when I know I am making a fortune, and other message board lurkers can't pull the trigger.

      I am starting to grab people on the street and tell them. I even told the guy at the brokerage last week.....after I made a buy I wrote it down on a sheet of paper. He was a new young kid, and that wasn't the branch I am known at, so I wrote down KIDEQ 41 cents and told him it would break within a few days. Two days later it went to 70.

      People drive me nuts.I don't know what else I am supposed to do? I mean, how many chances do you get in life to really make a strong move forward with NO RISK.

      I'm out. Nothing more to say. All heck will break loose once people catch wind of the dollar amounts involved here.

      Like I said before $3 to $8 per share, and $8 is possible with a lucky Lehman settlement.

      If we get less than $3 I would be SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED.

      I'm done here. Adios.

    • Deek, why do you always leave when good news is coming?

    • Thanks to everybody who has been selling for the last 15 months. Myself, and other family members are heading into early retirement thanks to you nickel dime idiotic analysis.

      This is the last post. You GOOFS are on your own now.

      GoodBye suckers!

    • Well, I did have a friend pick up 60,000 at 6 cents even during the second week of December.

      Either way, LongTime likes to lie about his average. He does it all the time. Once something takes off he talks about how he bought more at the lows.

      He is documented at having loved LEE at $3 and now at 1.15 or so. Yet he somehow never loses on that.

      He is turning into a bum, and he might be a broke bum if the market rout continues, as he uses leverage and is lucky he didn't go under in 2008 and 2009 because of that.

      Sooner or later he won't be able to get out. One day there could be a huge plunge and guys like him who use borrowed money and are constantly maxed out will be in big trouble.

      I know he has decent money, but if he continues to press like he is a greedy hedge fund then the end result will be very nasty.

      No real investor uses leverage. Very few have the decency to try to build a stake with real investing. Most are just wild gamblers or use other people's money to invest.

      A true champion is someone who uses real money earned from other endeavors and grows it in the market without using borrowed funds. Those who can grow a sum and also pay living expenses out of it are the biggest champions. Not many exist. All others are really frauds when you analyze what they are doing. Frauds or idiots.

    • Don't know if he's a liar, but he never did answer the question(s) I posed to him in this thread.

      Man, I remember bidding almost every single day for this stock down at those levels. I didn't get anywhere near the amount I would've liked down there, but I guess that's my fault for sitting on the bid on a .pk stock. For whatever reason, I get a kick out of sitting on the bid in .pk land. But I really did end up being pound foolish on this one. Dang.


    • Longtime Liar tells everyone he bought at the all-time lows. That is a lie. Not only that, but whatever he did sell, he sold not even knowing the facts, as the verdict was out, yet he didn't know it.

      You are busted you lying idiot. Don't you have a margin call to cover. I know you like to invest in idiot companies with tons of debt.

      You are a FOOL.

    • So now you will have to root against KIDEQ until this is over. Or, you must buy back in at 55 cents. That puts you in a bad spot, as your worst nightmare is coming true.

      There is nothing you can do to keep KIDEQ from going higher. It is very unhealthy to root against something you used to own, but sold at the lows. You will be tormented here, I guarantee it.

      You deserve it, too.

    • Thanks again. Mr. Knowitall LongTimeFollower. Only a fool would lie about the price he bought and then brag about selling without making sure there was major news.

      You basically gave away money. Do that too many times and you will never recover. The verdict was out for a full day and nobody knew it. You sold without even checking.

      I, and a few others, bought your shares, knowing full well that you didn't have a clue that the verdict was out.

      Thanks again, genius.

    • LTF,

      Who do you use to trade stocks? I'm curious how you picked up your shares at a 0.066 average. I was bidding 6 cents (and then 7 cents) for several days and was barely able to add any shares to my existing position.

      Thanks in advance.

    • You now have the LIFETIME MORON OF THE YEAR AWARD. Sucker!

      This verdict came out on Thursday, December 29th. It is a 100 percent complete victory. It is 10 times better than I could have ever dreamed of. You will be SICK when you take the 2-3 hours to read it.

      Enjoy, Dummy. I am an investor, not a trader. Thanks for the shares.

      n Re: TV Tokyo Corporation et al v. 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. Date Filed: 12/29/2011
      case number: 11-02225-scc 215530_72_opinion.pdf
      Post-Trial Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law signed on 12/29/2011

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