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  • ezdeek ezdeek Jun 10, 2013 2:03 AM Flag

    Ice Cream Truck. Brinks Truck.

    The last 8 words are the most important. You guys have continually missed the boat on this from day one. If the general creditors get 20 cents on the dollar, that means 7 million for 4 Licensing/FOUR. Maybe they get 40 cents on the dollar....maybe 60 cents. Maybe 10 cents. It is all gravy. Even without the gravy you have tens upon tens of millions of NOL's that will be matched up with somebody in the next few years. But even without that, you have millions in the bank and no debt. But even without that you have some legacy licensing revenue. But even without that you have a 70 percent interest in the isoBLOX deal. One day it will be too late. When that day comes you will have wished you did the right thing. This is a situation where there is close to zero chance of permanent loss of capital, and there are a number of things that can go right. I can wait forever.

    Read the last line. Those are the 8 most important words. It is a percentage above zero. All gravy.

    New York, June 7, 2013 – James W. Giddens, Trustee for the liquidation of Lehman Brothers Inc. (LBI) under the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA), announced that additional distributions to former securities customers began today and will continue until all securities customer claims are 100 percent fulfilled.

    “The system to protect customer property worked, and that is good news for the former Lehman customers caught up in the bankruptcy who will now get all their property back,” Giddens said. “We have overcome enormous complexities and unprecedented legal challenges to meet the goal of 100 percent distribution to customers. We are grateful to the Securities Investor Protection Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission for their assistance, and to Judge James Peck for his continued oversight. As we finish additional customer distributions, we remain focused on maximizing assets for the general estate and clearing the way for distributions to general creditors.”

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    • See you suckers in about 8 months. I don't offer investment opinions for free on the Internet anymore. May God have mercy on your financial souls, as this frothy market is smoke and mirrors. It is all funny money and good luck holding positions that have gone up tremendously from the lows. There is a ton of risk out there, but not for FOUR shares. Remember in the fall of 2007.....Dow was over 14,000. One year later it was under 8K.

      You have to be able to think for yourself and get in risk free positions. Most all of my stock picks from last summer are up multiples (Zales, American Airlines, PSUN, American Apparel, ROIAK, on and on and on). But the safest play right now in all of the market is FOUR. It will remain the safest play until I say otherwise.

      These could be my last words of the year. I don't owe the board a thing. Good luck. Good riddance.