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  • higonaut higonaut Jun 20, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Lehman claim $132 M

    Principle... $31.5M
    Interest ...$6M
    Treble damage.. $94.5

    TOTAL ...$132M

    EZ's early retirement... priceless
    Womanish pride... worthless

    Validity and general unsecured claim recovery... to be determined

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to inform/remind you all. Total claim is not $36M. Its 132M. Have to count treble damage too.

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    • Higs,

      Hope all is well. I'm not sure that's how you calculate treble damages. I think you may have added in an extra $31.5M. If your actual damages are $31.5M and you ask the court for treble damages, you are asking the court to triple the actual damages award (i.e., instead of recovering $31.5M, you would recover triple that amount, or $94.5).

      cheers, dude.

      • 1 Reply to charboneus
      • Hey bones.
        I replied last night but my post disappeared. Not cool yahoo. Will keep it brief this time.

        treble damages can be on top of initial damage. Total damage award can be as much as 4xinitial damage. I'm no law expert so looked it up on web.

        Also the numbers on original post comes from proof of claims filed by 4kids. Btw, the claim was filed in 2009 so accrued interest may be higher.

    • What if they get all 132 million...HOLY POTATOS! I would be headed to red lobster thats for sure!

    • They have a realistic chance to get 15-20 million total payout, but even if they only get 20 cents on the dollar of the 30 million claim, that is 6 million and that is what the market cap is right now.

      No insider has sold in 30 years. Shares have not been diluted in 30 years. Insiders cannot buy as they are privy to specifics of the negotiations with Lehman Trustee, and they also don't want to jeopardize NOLs.

      Once Lehman settlement is public info and the window to protect the NOL's has passed, insiders will be buying shares on the open market and the price will never look back. You can believe that they would have loved to buy on December 30th and 31st of 2011 when the verdict was out. They couldn't buy, obviously.

      Almost home here. A market crash coinciding with a Lehman announcement would really really be an enjoyable thing to watch, as I have paid the price even after being 100 percent right all the way through. I will deserve every single dollar that I take out of this.

    • tweedle deek and tweedle dumb both in the same day? wow, what fun.. i'll tell you the same thing i told your girlfriend: DUST calls +3000%.. if you've had them since yesterday when she was $95..

      wait, you two can't do math. why do i even bother? :D