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  • higonaut higonaut Jun 23, 2014 6:27 AM Flag

    key to isoblox cap redesign

    ugh. The cap looks ridiculous. it's a serious matter but people just can't seem to get over its looks. even Torres's wife (who, like any caring spouse, ought to put safety over looks :-D) says it looks funny.

    the current strategy of waiting for the pitchers to come around and accept the look is misguided. the company needs to do the reverse, make the cap more acceptible. in its current form, the pitchers would rather die (literally) than get caught wearing one. looks are that important to them.

    the mockingly funny look arises because they are trying to "conceal" the pad UNDER a seeming "conventional looking" cap. the end result is a massive super mario inspired look. what they need to do in the next iteration is to make the cap look as though the padding has been placed EXTERNAL to a standard sized cap. team logo and color can still go over that. and for heavens sake, the bill of the cap should be standard sized too and not a large one.

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    • Good job 4LC!!!!

    • at the very least, use a smaller brim. put a smaller-sized brim at the front edge of the cap. the leading edge of the brim should stick out equal distance from the pitchers forehead when compared to a standard cap. to illustrate:

      standard cap:

      current isoblox:

      my recommendation:

      a player only sees the brim when they wear a cap. the current isoblox cap has a huge brim and makes the pitcher feel the part of Super Mario. (ime-ma gonna peetche da balle). By making the visible underside of the brim similar to a standard sized cap, pitchers will feel less awkward.

      ignore their complaint about the cap feeling heavy or hot. 4oz difference cannot be perceived by humans. human head already weighs 8-12 lb. that's like 160oz. adding 3oz vs 7oz on top of that makes NO perceivable difference.

      standard caps are hot to wear already because material does not breath anyway. adding foam on top does not make much of a difference. trust me. Even Torres says the cap does not feel that different.

    • No question it looks a little like the cap Charlie Brown wears.

      It will take a while and a bad injury or two, but Torres' observation about the crack he heard all the way from the bullpen when the ball hit the head of a pitcher on the mound will eventually take control, the way a mouth full of broken teeth changed the way hockey players felt about helmets. Current resistors will go the way of Rod Langway in hockey.

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