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  • retting retting Nov 28, 1997 11:22 PM Flag

    future stock price

    I'm glad to see this message board. It's frustrating to not get the research and the wholesale opinions available to us on other Yahoo stocks. Where do we see the company going in relation to earnings for the coming year? This stock has been so good but been dragging since the ITT talk and acquisition. Do we buy more now at this price even though the PE is over 70???

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    • I have the same Zip Code. I would like to know
      more about Steve Wynn being a major stock holder of
      Starwood. How that came about may be an intersting story.
      Thanks for the info.

      P.s. we ARE sweating bullets
      waiting on the outcome. Problem is we really don't know
      who to cheer for, as long as it isn't Starwood.

    • The rumor has always been that when Barry upped the ante for Sheraton that he got the backing from Wynn and would sell it to him, thus getting out of gaming.....

    • It's a done deal. Steve's a major shareholder of
      Starwood and has the inside track. Have you ever played
      the game Monopoly? Well its the same concept but more
      realistic. He wants the D.I. golf course as well as
      connecting the monorail to all the properties.The 3 billion
      price tag is a steal!! These negotiations have been
      going on since last year. Got to say that the baccarat
      employees will be sweating now.

    • IMHO... PPE will be the successful bidder for both Caesars and Desert Inn.... in return for cash and perhaps the Las Vegas Hilton property. IMHO


      Weaken Caesers by manipulating
      Barry Sternlicht, the new kid on the

      Stall all the development plans for Caesers Palace, a
      long-term competitor to all Mirage properties. Prolong the
      deterioration of Caesers.

      Kill or significant delay the
      Caesers/PPE transaction.

      GAME PLAN:

      an impossible price and valuation for Caesers. Kill
      immediate PPE/Caesers transaction by building Barry's

      Give a big CARROT to Starwood shareholders and Barry
      followed by prolonged negotiations and due diligence. In
      the meantime consolidate Bellagio and capture the
      High Roller market. Entice Barry into believing that
      it cost NOTHING to shop for a higher price, like a
      typical Real Estate transaction.

      LOSER - Caesers & PPE, WINNERS - Mirage &

      Mirage will back out after prolonged negotiations. PPE
      will negotiate even further and reduce its offer.
      Barry will look bad to cave-in to a reduced offer from
      PPE. MGG might be the new prospective buyer. Barry is
      back to square one.

      Barry is a newcomer and may
      not realize that the delay and weakening of Caesers
      will seriously hurt the future valuation of

      Barry is not familiar with the casino business and the
      deterioration of casino assets and the irreversible erosion of
      customers and revenues.

      Caesers is slowly getting
      dysfunctional with all growth and new development initiatives
      on hold. Peter Boynton has no authority regarding
      NEW growth plans but is responsible for all the

    • Steve Wynn, bitter due to poor returns at his Las
      Vegas properties, has decided to use Donald Trump
      strategy of weakening his competitors.

      His ploy is
      to throw a carrot at Starwood and effectively stall
      the Caesers sale indefinitely. He ca always back out
      after prolonged negotiations and due diligence.

      He has vested interest in stubbing the growth of
      Caesers and Hilton/PPE, until he has consolidated the
      High Roller market.

      Wynn plans to establish an
      impossible price and valuation for the Caesers World. barry
      Sternlicht's high expectations will kill any ttransaction with
      PPE. Once Barry Sternlicht bites on Steve's gambit, he
      will not look good going back to a lower price offer
      by Goldberg, who in the future, might reduce his
      price even further based on weakening of Caesers, after
      going through the Wynn fiasco.

      This will
      effectively kill or even delay the transaction indefinitely,
      seriously hurting both PPE and Caesers/Starwood.

      not expect a quick transaction, this is a Titanic
      battle. Steve Wynn is desperate and has decided to employ
      the famous Donald Trump gambit.

      Barry is a
      newcomer and may not realize that the delay and weakening
      of Caeser's will seriously depreciate the value of
      Caeser's earnings and the future price of the Caeser's

    • Sorry, I don't do golf.

    • thanks for the info. i'm new to this board, although i've bot hot at 28. anybody know when earnings come out, and, incidentally, why is my portfolio still calling hot a reit? thanks.

    • The Bass brothers, led in part by Richard
      Rainwater, who was under their employ at the time, took a
      very large position in DIS when Saul, Irv, and Roy
      Disney (Roy O.'s son, Walt's nephew)were creating a
      possible bidding war for the company. Their initial aim
      was a quick short term profit, perhaps selling to one
      of the bidders privately.

      Roy Disney and
      Stanley Gold (Roy's advisor via Shamrock Holdings)
      brought in Eisner and it was Eisner who convinced the
      Bass brothers to hold on to their shares rather than
      sell them. It was a tough decision for them, but they
      held and their interest, combined with Roy's and
      Shamrocks's was large enough to fend off any raiders (I think
      Saul was paid greenmail).

      Eisner was right and
      today, Eisner, Roy, the Bass Brothers, and even Sid's
      x-wife Anne, are on the Forbes 400 as a result of their
      Disney stock.

      Bass, PLC, relation to the
      Bass Brothers....owns the Holiday Inn brand.
      Incidentally, next time you are in Memphis you should play the
      "Holiday Course" owned by Holiday Inn at their training
      center. Fun course and cheap.

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