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  • zardoz_9 zardoz_9 Oct 30, 1998 1:27 PM Flag

    HOT no longer a REIT

    I agree that HOT is indeed hot!. However, it is no longer a REIT being that it's changing to a C-corp stock. However, this thing should rocket. It's time to buy folks.

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    • They should have converted from a REIT Jan 1 right? Any thoughts on how they will perform as a corporation?

    • contact me @ Curious to know
      who you are - maybe we know each other. I just moved
      from St. John where I lived for last 9 years. God, I
      could go for a beer at Duffy's Love Shack right about

      Joe Jackson

    • of hot. are you?

    • A previous respondent said-conversion to a C corp
      will provide the impetus for mutual funds,
      institution, and individual investors to take a more active
      buy role in HOT stock. If this is true, why aren't
      the shrewd investors buying now at these ridiculous
      low prices? This drop from 56 to 23 is beyond

    • Shareholder vote is Jan 6, 1999 on management proposals, restructuring, including dividend.

    • it was already converted, otherwise why are we getting 15 ents a share in january.

    • Here it is the bottom line:

      The REIT funds
      are slowly selling this stock. Many wish they had
      done it sooner...many are still waiting hoping for a
      little won't happen as long it is a

      Individual shareholders aren't buying...they are confused as
      hell. Just look at some of the questions on this

      "Regular" stock funds aren't buying this stock...who wants
      a REIT?

      HOWEVER....everything changes after
      the conversion. You have a C Corp, stock funds buy
      it, individual shareholders buy the stock of the
      world's greatest hotel company AND it will be added to
      the S&P 500 amongst one of the first or second
      changes in that list. All this happens in the 1st quarter
      of 99.....will easily be back above 30..the climb to
      50 will take longer...but it will

      Your welcome.

    • I bought at $30 and wonder if I should have
      dumped at an 8% loss. It seems that with a loss in sales
      revenues and other charge-offs that this stock is going to
      continue its downward trend to the high teens. I'm going
      to hold though and possibly buy more at the bottom
      of this stock's cup (where ever that may

      1999 should be a stellar year with all the parties and
      vacations during the last year of the century.

      I am
      curious though if converting to a C-Corp is a positive
      thing. I guess most corporations are C-type but will the
      conversion further zap this stock?

    • Do I understand the restructuring correctly?
      Class B shares, non voting (?) in the new parent (a C
      corp structure), issued to holders of the REIT in
      exchange for "old" REIT shares. Additionally the new "B"
      shares pay a $0.60 per annum dividend.
      Is that the
      proposed deal?

    • if you bought at $52........hold because I bought
      at $48!

      I travel a great deal and I am ALWAYS
      impressed at the amount of business Westin is generating. I
      spoke to a reservation agent the other day (booked a
      reservation at the Omaha Westin Aquila...a great property
      next time your in Omaha)...she said to buy more HOT.
      Bookings are strong.

      Hold this baby.

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