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  • KrugerIndSmoothingCEO KrugerIndSmoothingCEO Jul 7, 1999 10:57 AM Flag

    From the Field

    Just returned from Des Moines, Iowa where I
    stayed in both Four Points hotels. Des Moines is famous
    for a glut of mid-priced (aka "cheap" hotels), but
    ours are doing well.

    Clean, good service, and
    full. What more could you ask for? An increase in stock
    price? Sure. Give it time. The market is a manic. HOT is
    a value here.

    Back the truck up if we get
    into the 28s again.

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    • Will Starwood have an interest in MPTV?
      Being Polo Towers and MPTV look to have some sort of deal.

    • all, Meristar has an OFFICE in Dallas and the HEADQUARTERS are in DC, my question was what is Starwood looking to buy from Wyndahm.

    • The Apollo group invested 1 billion in wyn.

      Lee and Black might have something up their sleeves.

    • Your facts are way off base. Meristar is in DC.
      What do you think HOT could want with them? A
      management company from the C-Corp - NO - they already have
      a better operated division. Could it be the real
      estate - well lets take a look at the brands Meristar
      has - again NO - too many non-HOT properties to ever
      be attractive. HOT owns real estate in Dallas,
      including a JV portion of the Sheraton Suites. Maybe they
      are simply inspecting assets. Buying Wyndam - come
      on! Why, for their strong brands? Maybe for their
      cohesive group of assets. You people speculating in real
      time are stalkers - get a life, whoops, a clue, then a

    • You think that "heavenly beds" will really make
      that big a impression? Personally it seems to be more
      of a "nice to have" amenity than something that
      drives the purchasing decison for the

      The reason that it's the talk of the bedding industry
      is the cost. Hotels traditionally spend $300-400 for
      beds, this new bed must cost upwards to $1000. Cleaning
      costs will probably be substantially higher as well
      given the materials and quality used.

      I hope
      that they've done a good job convincing thier hotel
      owners and franchisees to buy into this program. Nothing
      puts a crimp into a program faster than seeing "at
      participating locations only".

    • Starwood will be be making a worldwide
      announcement on August 31st that will effect every Westin
      Hotel - Go to any Westin on that day for a peak at the
      future. "You won't believe it until you see it" No
      insider information here - just happen to know someone
      who is a supplier and this new addition is the talk
      of the industry.

    • I think the sale to Park Place was mainly 1) to
      pay down debt and 2) to get out of gaming entirely.
      This is one way in which management hopes to drive
      stock prices back up. Starwood's main focus will be on
      rennovating properties as opposed to purchasing new
      properties. There are many major rennovations planned for
      Y2k. There is a much higher ROI in rennovation than in
      acquiring new props. Starwood is also looking to get into
      the timeshare business ( by purchasing a large share
      in Vistana timeshares) The new room plans for Westin
      and Sheraton and the upcoming marketing plan for the
      brands are very exciting!!! Watch out for Starwood in

    • I may smell a deal brewing...Let's wait until next week to see if anything IS actually happening.


    • With this 3 billion dollar sale to Park Place, do you think it may be logical for HOT to purchase another LARGE Hotel/Motel? I've got a few ideas....


    • Isn't Starwood negotiating to buy the Grand Bay
      Resorts and Hotels from Wyndham for there vacation
      ownership division locations such as The Peaks in Teluride,
      Colorado, Boulders in Scottsdale, Carmel Valley Ranch,
      California and The Stanly Ranch in Napa, California?

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