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  • bodava4 bodava4 Jun 11, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    Why CLD down -20% but ANR -80%

    Are they really that much better? Or does anyone think maybe they will be next to drop below $10? Makes you wonder....

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    • No ANR is making money but the last two quarters have been a loss because of book keeping. There is a raid going on in ANR stock. One company in 2008 wanted ANR. In 2011 4 companies wanted Massey and ANR got them. The same hedge or LLC was trying to knock Massey down after the UBB accident but the Bid by ANR changed that. MEE stock went from $23 to $69.33. That same trading is now going on in ANR stock. A company who CLF offered 10 billion in 2008 when they only had 620 million tons of coal which was Met. In 2009 ANR bought Foundation for 1.4 billion and in 2011 Massey for 7.1 billion. In the lower PRB ANR got a lease last year for 130million more tons beating out BTU. Now if you cut all those offers and buys in half you are talking about a company worth 8 billion instead of 19 billion selling for 1 billion. ANR is a small player in the PRB but they have 740 million tons at least in the PRB. At a dollar a ton it is almost what the whole company is selling for now. As I have pointed out many times Massey was not a bad deal. It was a great deal when you look and see what the other deals got folks. TECK bought fording coal and got the coal reserves ANR did . Not for 7.1 billion but 14 billion. WLT bought western coal. for 3.3 billion . They only got about 250 million tons. If there had been no UBB accident at Massey ANR would have never been able to get them. MEE stock was trading higher than ANR. Their book value was higher. They had more coal reserves and just 1 month after UBB they bought Cumberland coal for 960 million . ANR has a market cap now of 1.3 billion. Tell me there are not forces trying to steal ANR. CLD should jump in on ANR with both feet and when thermal and MET go back to normal CLD stock will trade at $75 or higher. I have fair value of ANR at $87.55 when Met is going for $275 a ton. CLF wanted to buy ANR when Met was at that level and that is why 3 coal deals were done because of that price. CLD has a rare chance in the business of coal. By the grace of GOD no one is looking at them and using HFT`s to knock them down. It is time to leverage their stock and unlock value for shareholders . CLD should not be worth more than ANR. When a deal falls in you lap you don`t wait around and this is one of them for CLD. With the crow reserves and a all stock deal for ANR you are talking about making CLD a major player in the world . BTU has 2.9 billion tons in the PRB . With what CLD has and the crow reserves anr reserves in the PRB will make them number one in the PRB and number one in Met coal in the US.

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      Sentiment: Hold

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