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  • rndyjensen rndyjensen Jan 13, 2006 8:59 AM Flag


    The 2 thumbs up on seagate and the upgrade to the best stock to own in 2006 by Jim Cramer last night,than the upgrade by his old firm Golman Sachs this morning smacks of something going on that is not LEGAL, Cramer giving out information ahead of time, getting kickbacks from his old firm that he always speaks so highly of.

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    • Blah. blah, blah, blah.

      Walter I used to think you were a dick, now I know you are a bank dick.

    • The only thing I see that's illegal is you when you get your head chopped off for shorting STX and have to hope the border for work--into Mexico!

    • After bagging Martha Steward, the SEC must be fat dumb and happy. Maybe they are too busy chasing some kid who posts buy recommendations on the Internet?

      When I came on this board five years ago I did it to expose the corruption that still exists with bank research. THe last week has provided yet again more examples of the pathetic state of affairs regarding bank research.

      Why did Piper up WDC's target price to $25 yesterday, and model only a 5% revenue gain in FY07 for STX after it completed the MXO merger.?

      Isn't it curious that Goldman does a 360 on STX once all the shares are distributed??? BTW, didn't Laura have a buy on STX when it was at $27 two years ago and then advised everyone to sell if the Stock went above $18 eight months ago while STX was posting three consecutive record or near record quarters?

      Throw them all in jail!

      What a friggin joke!

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