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  • zakrzraj zakrzraj Jan 28, 2009 9:39 PM Flag

    This board is full of ..........

    Many of them have been placed on IGNORE and the list is too long.

    Just in case I missed one, could you please respond to this message so I can add you to the list.

    For those that resort to 'name calling': It is only a sign of weakness and it speaks for the individual's character.

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    • Disk Investor:

      While he is probably lying, I suggest you get the Yahoo email address from morpheus and please pass that on me.

      If Yahoo is actually doing this, I would ask them the reason behind their action.

      1. Depending on what Yahoo says, you might want to consult with your attorney.
      2. If anyone can get the alias of any poster from Yahoo, please have them provide the following aliases for: walterwego, soule, dave_hoho, illgo10booty, morpheus.

    • Zak:

      In many ways this board is better than most Yahoo boards I visit, but you are right there is a high level of dysfunctionality here.

      Here's the problem from somebody who has been on these drive boards for 15 years and spent a longer time working in the drive industry, now retired.

      There have been a long list of posters who try to bring their intelligence/experience etc to these boards. Rightfully or wrongfully most are bullish. I believe most are STX shareowners, drive industry vets, or work in a related area. Let's call these posters Group 1.

      The second group of posters rarely have anything intelligent to add, constantly harass group one posters, and are highly negative. Now mind you, I enjoy a good balanced debate, but when someone constantly replies with profanity and "roflao", for 5 years, this person either has a mental problem or an agenda. I believe some of these group 2 posters are day or professional traders, fund managers who short these stocks, etc. Some have raised the possibility that many of these group 2 posters are being paid to harass positive posters. All I know is that for someone to be on these boards 24/7 for years indicates a hidden agenda.

      Making matters worst, some group 1 posters return the treatment.

      As I noted, I don't mind a balanced debate, but bullish posters who constantly pump these stocks with posts like "STX going to the moon", bother me as much as shorts who are swearing that STX is going bankrupt soon. That is why I put out my thoughts on the cash situation.

      However, as an industry vet and in light of the great damage Wall Street has done to our industrial base I gotta tell you my heart resides in group 1.

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      • disk_investor2, an excellent summary on posters to message boards. May I have your permission to copy and publish with credit to you on another board even more messed up than this one?


      • disk:

        Thanks for the feed back and I'm like you retired but not from the storage industry. I also enjoy a balanced and itellegent debate. I don't much like fantasy land or the getto, just some where in the middle.

        I've been trading the HD stocks for over fifteen years now and have made serious money. I will continue to invest in this sector for some time to come. Can't tell you I won every trade because I didn't. Never the less, I'm well in the green and nothing to regret as long as the bottom line is positive. I just wished this story applied to other investments I have but what the heck, the whole market is not so good.

        Good luck to you, all of what you call 'group 1' and some of 'group 2' that are offering the balance in opinion without getting into the gutters. So long!

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