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  • disk_investor2 disk_investor2 Sep 25, 2009 6:24 PM Flag


    "I am not an engineer in hard drives, I only trade them wholesale.

    But these are terms used in the composition of the hard drives, either in the parts or the firmware commands"

    LOL, btw wrong on most counts!

    A little advice here, if you want to be credible as a new poster you shouldn't come on and say you know more than others on this board about this space,

    BTW, you also completely wiffed on the names

    1. TC = Tu Chen founder and ex CEO of Komag

    2. AS = Al Shugart founder, ex CEO of STX

    3. MM =Matt Massengill, ex CEO of WDC, or drive Analyst Mark Moskowitz at JP Morgan.

    4. MK = Mark Kryder, ex CTO of STX and he lead magnetic recording program at CMU

    5. Stephen Luczo = Past & Current CEO of STX

    6. Finis Conner = Former CEO and founder of Connor Peripherals & ex SEG exec.

    7. Neal Bertram (?) = Professor specializing in micro magnetic modeling at UCSD.

    8. JC = John Coyne current CEO of WDC.

    So you are just a trader who looks at charts and listens to "hot tips" all day and you know nothing about the key people or technology of the drive business.

    BTW, if you were such a great trader, why didn't you go long on STX when it ran from $3 to $16?

    IMHO by being only short, you are just chasing chump change here and bragging about it!


    If you did go long, then why did you wait to tell us just only about your shorts?

    We have the distinct impression you are just pulling a cheap trader/hedge fund trick to create fear so others will sell their shares cheap to you or your firm.

    FYI, We have seen this ruse many times before!

    That is all for now!

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