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  • disk_investor2 disk_investor2 Jan 30, 2010 12:20 AM Flag

    The Short Nutz are out in force Tonight

    Gee must be a full moon tonight with all the professional shorts trying to bash STX down:

    Let's start with my our pal, the pig framer, Dave the HO. Did you know this professional short actually received a subpoena from WDC for the lies and distortions he posted on the WDC board.

    Then there's yikes, aka waltwego, aka xmelator, aka madisonwischeese.

    He's got the world's record for being removed by Yahoo? He's not even a good short! One reason he quit using the xmelator ID is that he was bashing KOMG as it ran from single digits to $55. LOL!. Then there's his more recent NTRI short call at $15, right before it doubled ROFLMFAO!

    Throw in oldtimer buymore and a whole host of newbie short bashers and I don't have to look out the window to tell there's a full moon tonight!


    BTW, here's the post of the day courtesy Larry_theshot

    "Since a number of new IDs have appeared on the board recently, I thought I would give them all a brief bio on Yikes (walturd).

    Yikes is our resident stock market guru and professional SFB short trader.

    Besides having his ID been deleted 5 times by Yahoo, Yikes' other honors include the rare triple crown:

    Yikes is the reigning poster child for both Anger Management Counselors of America (1975-2010) and the American Schizophrenic Society (ASS 1965-2010). To these honors he was recently named Drag Queen of the year by the Castro District Boys Choir.

    Yikes specializes in short trading stocks.

    After years of extensive research Yikes finally went short last April on NTRI at $15 stating:

    "you'll see $10 long before you see $20"

    During the next eight months, NTRI ran right to $33!

    Yikes then painted himself red and protested totally nude on top of a stolen hot dog cart in front of the NASDAQ headquarters in New York shouting "eat my weiner" to passer bys, after which the American Schizophrenic Society awarded him its presitigous "Lifetime Achievement Award"

    Sadly however, the Castro District Boys Choir rescinded their award.

    Please don't send money, I do this as a public service!"


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