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  • gravitywave007 gravitywave007 Feb 18, 2012 7:05 PM Flag

    Is Seagate about to set another record?

    Does anyone know the lowest P/E ratio a stock has traded at?

    It seems to me that this mgmt team is seeking to award itself another industry record by achieving the lowest P/E despite healthy earnings. Granted that the price has been ticking up for over a quarter now, but it still seems low relative the earnings being discussed.

    Perhaps this reflects the perception that this business (as well as its technology) is well into the plateau of the mature portion of the S-curve. I'm expecting that annual areal density growth rates this year will peak around 10 to 15%. It seems suggestive that only by consolidating the industry to near monopolies and then suddenly experiencing supply reductions can margins be improved. HDD's have always been a source of interesting business school case studies.

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    • Gravity,

      As my earlier message said, it was one paragraph speaking in some detail about STX initiatives in the distribution arena as already announced and a second paragraph speaking in some detail about the state of public discourse in the industry about market dynamics as a hopeful indicator of changed attitudes.

      I tried both paragraphs separately and neither got through. We'll see if this does.

    • "Does Yahoo let each company design its own filter or do they only act when directed by some legal authority? "

      I don't know. I'm sure that they would abide by a legal authority (ie 'The Great FireWall of China',etc). I'm merely speculating that a possible income stream could be generated by allowing 'bidders' to block certain 'sequences of words' in sections of privately owned msg boards. Consider how well Google's search functions with phrases. One small step for a corporation, one giant leap for control of free speech.

      I advise splitting the msg in parts to determine what is 'objectionable'. Now, I'm actually curious.

    • GG:

      Oddly, I can't see it in either the 'list all msgs' or under the list by topics items. I still suspect that the 'for-profit' service is at work, though it is pretty weird. With what companies spend on advertising and PR, I'm sure that a method to avoid criticism is also 'for sale'. I simply can't imagine why it wouldn't be. Should I be submitting a software patent?

    • "My side" has nothing to do with it.

      They took the post, then deleted it. My post is still showing on the WDC List of Topics view. But its been deleted.

    • What happened to me had nothing to do with my filter or speed of connection since the posts were accepted immediately and just not shown.

      Their filtering system kicked them all for some reason.

    • Check your filter setting. Also, when posting, be sure and wait long enough for the transmission to complete (high traffic sometimes) before returning to the messages. Sometimes that has fixed it for me, sometimes not.

    • I have absolutely no idea WTF the censor function is doing. Other than trying to make me give up.

      Go over to the WDC board. List the topics and I have the last post of the morning in the Dividends thread. Yet, click on the thread or my message and its gone. But it still appears on the index!!!!

    • Seems like somebody is concerned that these boards might be used inappropriately in the industry to facilitate supply/demand planning.

    • gravity,

      What you're telling me is that the technology is not that challenging but it doesn't answer who has the ability and right to implement it on the Yahoo boards. Does Yahoo let each company design its own filter or do they only act when directed by some legal authority? Either way, in my case I was not talking about analysts or using objectionable words but simply making some observations about current market dynamics for disk drives that I can assure you were in no way confidential.

    • While I doubt you are afflicted with the satellite privacy concerns raised by Echelon :(

      you may also be unfamiliar with a pretty standard technology from one of Seagates primary IC providers, LSI.

      This technology is pretty routinely used to filter out 'objectionable' text automagically. I suspect that a for-profit service is available from bulletin boards to exclude msgs with specific text. This has driven many to odd spacings, character substitutions, etc for those intent in sending a msg. It's actually quite interesting defining which terms are being monitored for those interested in that sort of thing.

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