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  • ww4231 ww4231 Jun 5, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Fallacies about the buyback


    It is notable that at this juncture, that some are confused about the buyback.
    It is true the final story on the buyback has yet to be fully written, but at this point the only clear thing is that the main beneficiaries have been :
    A.insiders who used it to prop up the shares at all time highs while they sold off massive amount of holdings.
    B. those who had the inside knowledge of the above and joined in selling /shorting at the highs
    C. those who did not have inside knowledge but "figured it out" and joined in the same.
    The common shareholder HAS not benefited. The company as a corporation has not benefited. You now have a company that has a LOWER market capitilization as a result. Market cap= outstanding shares by price per share.
    It is one thing to be taken, and to then realize that you have been taken. It is another to be taken and not even realize that you have been taken! That is the state of those who are still thinking the buyback was a good thing, (to this point).
    As I said, I supported cautiously the intial buying at much lower prices , but when they expanded the buyback and accelerated it at prices above $30, AND at the very same time accelerated the insider sales at that very time, well, that really sucked for the common shareholder who wanted to be a long term holder. Those who were willing or astute enough to get out of the way, (just as insiders, and smart money who followed) , did very well.

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    • clown!!!

    • notice how he just blew right past my reply???

      the whole idea of that a ipad or iphone will remove all need for a HDD is nuts. unless you buy a notebook with a SSD you will need something to interface with it. now apple fan boys can blow the money for that, but smart people will just buy a $500 dell or something like it.

      i should also mention if the world is in a recession do you really think everyone is going to rush out and buy a more expensive item??? seems absurd to me.

    • "I answered your first question directly to you"

      No you did not. You did not provide ANY evidence that the fundamental outlook for STX has changed.

    • "So why are you lying?"

      What? whotheheck is a LIAR!

      Again! must be a dumorat.

    • And you are a hot air windbag that can't answer a single question posed to him. The same as you try to do to everyone else around here.

      Every chance you get all you do is try to stroke fear (Insider selling is a sign of HDD apocalypse) and uncertainty (fundamentals have deteriorated).

      Blah, blah, blah, blah blah.

    • "My analogy was confined to the pc substitution."

      idiot you analogy assumes that 100% of all things are going to tablet, since they are saying less then 10% switch you think your analogy makes one bit of sense???

      idiot!!! that 10% switch is more then made up by the increase in cloud that was never there.

    • IF WDC and STX don't compete for market share, and that is one big if. "

      I agree 100 percent..

      Thats the biggest hurdle for these two..and the biggest reason for the microscopic PE's...

      Noone believes that things wont just go back to the same old price wars...

      I dont know how many qtrs of improved margins and profits it would take to change that tune..

      But I do believe that STX wont stsy public long enough to find out..

    • Qouth the Blatherbutt ww:

      "What made the stock go down was institutional sellling of the shares because of the overall deterioration in the perceived value of the company, due to poorer fundamentals on several fronts. "

      Where's the proof of "poorer fundamentals?"

    • It looks like MS is also coming out with a "smart TV" I am not sure if they have hard drives and will not pretend to know if they will. But I think both AAPL and MS will need storage capability inside these new products otherwise content will still need to be stored on cloud services which is benefits STX.

      Also I read an article that the new gaming system for MS will not use disks meaning all games will be purchased online and stored either on the systems hard drive meaning that you need a lot more HDD capacity in each system or stored on cloud tech which as I said earlier is positive for STX.

      I think it is interesting that Luzco has recently been placed on Mr. Softy's board.... Some have thought it was due to him being groomed to take over the reigns but I think it has more two do with products in MS pipline. Anyway just my thoughts

    • ww it just goes to show you have no clue to hat you are talking about.

      your example is so way off base it isn't funny!

      look there is countless items being made that never used a HDD they are based directly off of the cloud. sirius has a huge cloud! GSP is a huge cloud! onstar is a huge cloud, the list is endless of new products like this!!!

      and you talk about a carpet shampooer? what a moron!!!!

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