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  • investment_wanker investment_wanker Aug 18, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    If your feet are starting to feel nippy, consider this

    One very effective strategy to continue to ride your winners while at the same time locking in your profits:
    consider selling HALF your position every time the stock doubles.
    If you bought at 10, sell half at 20.
    At this point you have your entire original investment back and only house money is on the table.
    Sell half of the remainder at 40.
    Sell half of the remainder at 80.
    ETC, hopefully ad infinitum.
    This works ESPECIALLY well if you are trading in a tax sheltered vehicle such as an IRA.

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    • Well, in their present operation they are getting 80% of the salvage value AFTER expenses.

    • Thanks, I actually am more interested in the deepsea mining that the salvage exploration, given the many laws that OMEX has to circumnavigate to get any benefit from thier salvage operations. I see where the Dorado Discovery is currently undergoing needed maintenance in Ensanada, Mex. and scheduled to depart next month on its next project, but they have not said where that project is located. Glad to see I'm not the only one watching this hidden jewel. Thanks for the info...

    • Yes. I started 5 years ago accumulating 100 to 500 shares at a time on dips. When you dive in, you don't have to start at the deep end of the pool. Got my cost basis now around $2.50. I haven't put any more in than I could afford to lose. It is the most fun stock I own. It is absolutely fantastic to follow the adventures. They are presently involved in recovering tons of silver from two WWII wrecks in very deep water. There is to be three Discovery Channel specials sometime this fall covering their exploits.

    • Why sell when the stock hits a majic price, why not sell when your thesis for owning the stock changes or if you need the funds for a better investment???

      I don't like the take money off the table approach, where do you put that money then??? Into a weaker stock? I prefer to evaluate the company and its prospects for the future...

      But that is just my way of investing, this is a free country (for now) so you are free to do what you wish with your money... And I'm not trying to bash your strategy, it is always nice to see other investors thoughts...


    • That isn't house money laying on the table, it is your money. That kind of thinking has been the downfall of many a gambler and probably a few stock investors. I'm not saying not to take some profit, just realize the money you leave in the stock is yours.

      In your example, you will approach a limit of 1 share and your total return will be only 7 times your original investment (starting with 100 shares). Whereas, if you left all of it to ride, it would be 128 times your original investment.

      It gets even more ridiculous if you start with 1000 shares. For that, you approach 11 times return vesus 186 where the stock price would have to climb to over $20K per share.

    • Why not sell it all at $80?

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