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  • ww4231 ww4231 Sep 13, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Honest and intelligent people


    will quickly see that , once again, those who are making false accusations, and attempting to distort my communication , are nothing more than message board deceivers.
    I correctly told the board that fundamentals have deteriorated.
    I warned that STX had no business at the $34 plus level it recently was trading at, based on fundamentals. There was a short squeeze of poorly timed shorts that helped it reach that level, and those that followed my lead in selling up there will see that they did pretty darn well.
    I hold my head up high.
    Those who have recently posted against me are liars and deceivers.
    STX will confirm what I had said, and you will see that the massive insider selling at the all time highs was how they really inform you on a real time basis, and only belatedly inform you "officially".
    Additionally WDC is outexecuting STX and looks like a better investment going forward , notwithstanding that some of the same fundamentals have an effect on WDC. What I mean is that WDC will show bettier relative performance . They produce higher quality control products and have regained the edge on market share and that will likely trend to increase going forward.
    I absolutely defy those that spoke out against me to contradict what I have communicated. I told the truth and yes, those who are honest and intelligent can see that.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • WW, just for laughs, here is a cut and paste of your post from last June. Exactly three months later the stock had appreciated by 60%. That sure is a lot of volatility for a widely traded stock in a mature industry. Main point is you were dead wrong and your spewing the same garbage yet again. You began with your "massive insider selling" argument in January when the stock was below $20. As I said you can distort the present but you can't hide from your past...

      "mb, please don't try to put words in my mouth. I am tired of others distorting my posts. I just don't believe as you do, that this stock has come down from $32 to $22 by some conspiracy. I believe that the fundamentals have deteriorated. Do you have proof that they have not?. Citing what what was said in april conference call is not proof. (their own disclosure of safe harbor says they are under no obligation to update their forward looking statements). Citing Einhorn's comments on an old filing are not proof. While I don't believe everything every analyst says, I note that there has been quite a consensus growing that fundamentals have deteriorated and the biggest analyst bull Needham has gone quiet, Hmmm. So that is perhaps one indicator you could understand. I would love for this thing to have just have kept going up, it would have been so much easier for me to keep selling out of the money calls. Understand, but my wanting it to keep outperforming did not stop the reality of what is happening, did it? We just dont' agree on what indicators should be relied on or credence given to. So, you are free to believe whatever you want, and to do whatever you want. OK?"

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      • "here is a cut and paste of your post from last June."
        Hmmmm, no link, no date...

        "Exactly three months later the stock had appreciated by 60%."

        Hmmm, it's at $30 today. Was it $17 then!!!!. LMAO@U

        "Main point is you were dead wrong"

        Hmmm, stx went from 32 to 22 in 2 months based on a fundamental change in outlook but anyone saying it went from 32 to 22 based on anything other than your decades long claim of dark force evil criminal conspiracies is "dead wrong". ROTFLMAO@U, PSYCHOPATHIC liar proven yet again vikes.

        "your spewing the same garbage yet again."

        The mere FACT STX has gone from near $36 to near $29 in less than 1 month based on industry changing fundamental outlook perceptions can ONLY be, in your lying psychopathic mind, based on dark force evil criminal conspiracy!!!! ROTFLMAO@U

        "You began with your "massive insider selling" argument"

        You just can't find THAT post AND link!!!!

        "As I said you can distort the present but you can't hide from your past..."

        That is a FACT, vikes. No matter how many aliases you post under you'll ALWAYS known as 3-10 self admitted liar in a single post poster, vikes/mb18666.

    • "the massive insider selling"

      You must be mistaken. According to the village idiots here insiders were massive buyers.

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