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  • v1kes_won v1kes_won May 19, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    The Gutless, Lying Psychopath: Escapegrll=Vikes_wom=Vikesisamoron=pipster1234=Etc

    Have you have come across a bigger SFB nut case on these boards?

    Ten years of BS, lies, and harassment of anyone on this board who dares try to have a civil conservation about the drive stocks.

    A real oracle he/she is, the only trade he/she ever gave us is that STX was going to $10 when the October, 2010 PE take out fell through. It didn't, it went to $18 by April 2011.

    Missed every major move up in STX too.

    Of course, he claims he has made some good calls, but when asked to put up or shut up all we get is the same pathological lying.

    Same response, when it is asked to support his/her claims about me or other posters he likes to harass, we just get pathological lies and babbling.

    As we have just witnessed, he/she flies into a multipost rage against anyone who dares supports my thoughts or ideas.

    It complains about posters using multiple IDS, when he has had more IDs deleted by Yahoo than most people use.

    So what has it gained in these 10 years aside from being deleted by Yahoo several times?

    Hard to find even a single supportive reply to any of his psychopathic rants in TEN YEARS!!!!!!!

    So why would even a psychopath continue to harass: Gratz, escapegrll; Chiadavinci; Quickdraw; me and anyone else for 10 years who dares to have a civil conversation?

    Two possibilities:

    1. Profound mental problems
    2. His agenda is to stifle and discredit the discussion of the drive stocks on this board to benefit himself or his firm.

    Once again you SFB; lying moron, show us a good call and still waiting for you to post that "3 to 10 lie" post of mine you incessantly babble about.

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    • "try to have a civil conservation " with "3 to 10 embellishements ".


    • well said v1kes_won. I remember you from the "pre-teen " days of a couple years ago. You were right then, and you are right now.
      The same cannotbe said of the PUNK vikesisamoron, who was short STX from $12 and bashed it all the way to $20, lol! lol!!!
      No wonder the PUNK has created even more asinine id's to parade his idiocy!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This has been entertaining. The psychopathic rant also served to point out one of its alias's I had failed to ignore. In that respect the vitriol its spewing has been beneficial.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to popupmole
      • "This has been entertaining. The psychopathic rant also served to point out one of its alias's I had failed to ignore. In that respect the vitriol its spewing has been beneficial."

        If "its" on ignore how can "it" POSSIBLY be entertaining!!!!! ROTFLMAO@U

        LITERALLY - an abyss of psychopathic lying.

        LITERALLY - incapable of speaking truth. Proven over and over and over again.

        LITERALLY - pure entertainment. Thank you.

    • Don't dispute reasons 1 and 2, but let's look behind door #3 Montey, the village idiot is a paid pitchfork for the cartel.

      With the cartel's fearless leader now under investigation and Luczo's public outcry about bank traders using incendiary Analyst reports to drive volatility, the heat is finally on.

      From the run up in short interest prior to Seagate's report last month, a lot of shorts probably got burned and they are looking for retribution. So they haul out Chanos, hoping they can recruit others in their annual short trade. Voila, the vulture starts working the board 24/7 to #$%$ the weak hands and your buddy does his thing.

      It's all is very familiar to anyone who has watched Seagate trading and this board for any length of time.

      Two points for the good guys: between shorting a high dividend, low P/E stock that buys back a lot shares in a raging bull market and with the FEDs now watching STX trading, it may cause some members of the cartel to lose their nerve.

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