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  • the_vulture_is_here the_vulture_is_here Jul 18, 2013 4:25 PM Flag


    But just remember.......everything in the economy is just wonderful.

    This is only the beginning.

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    • The eventual outcome of out of control municipal pension & retiree benefit obligations, along with a declining population, in many parts of the NE and upper midwest, was real obvious at least twenty years ago. Things like this tend to take a very long time to get to a point of no return. A long time indeed.

      On the hand, Vulture Boy managed to completely squander whatever credibility he might have started with in next to no time at all.

    • You absolutely cannot compare Detroit to the rest of the country. It's a one off. Detroit's problems are quite unique to the rest of the country. NO jobs, dwindling tax base, horrid education system, 50%+ illiteracy rate, dependent almost exclusively on high-paying automotive jobs (which are fewer and fewer nowadays), (lack of good) leadership (King Kwame is prime example), 15% unemployment rate, hmmm need I go on? A culmination of this makes the perfect storm!

    • It's not the beginning. Jefferson county, Alabama filed chater 9 a couple of years ago. That was the beginning. YOU STILL STUPID! BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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