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  • madisonwisschesse madisonwisschesse Oct 11, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

    How Obamacare came to be:

    From another board, this was posted in 2009:

    I thought I would send your shareholders a message on why I am now in full support of a National Care Program.

    I am a recently retired, financial Analyst who worked in the Securities business. Politically, I am an independent against big government and I sent letters to my Congressmen and Senators voicing my opposition to the TARP funding and advocating complete reform of the investment industry.

    About five months ago, I enrolled in an Aetna Individual Advantage plan. Since that time I have been in good health and have made no claims. I have one overnight stay in a hospital in the last fifty years when I got my tonsils out. I am on no medications and have visited a doctor 3 times in the last 9 years for routine stuff.

    Last week, I was shocked to receive a letter telling me that Aetna was raising my premiums by 23% just after 5 MONTHS time.

    This is outrageous and borders on an illegal bait and switch tacit!!!!!

    Over the last 10 years, the average health care premium has increased four times faster than wage growth and three times faster than inflation.

    Clearly, you don't have to have a MBA from Harvard to realize this not sustainable. The higher health care premiums go, the fewer people can afford health care which then puts more pressure on pricing, in effect a slow death spiral!

    As a result of this irresponsible action ,I did two things:

    1. I sent a letter to my Senators and Congressmen informing them of what Aetna is doing and I also voiced my support for a national health care program.

    2. I canceled my policy!

    I fully understand that the job of corporate management is to maximize return to the shareholders. However, if management is so irresponsible that it fails to realize its actions in the long run will hurt the shareholders and the people of this country, then it deserves to be replaced either by the shareholders or a government run program! Less

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    • Very Good Share.. The reality is that Healthcare is run in this country as a business, with the profit motive as its only goal. You have everyone in the chain being paid something, and the profit is greater if you have more tests and procedures. Your health and well being has no relevance in their calculus. In every other industrialized nation there is a single payor/universal healthcare, and the goal in all of those other countries is the health and well being of their citizens, and they are run for 'the common Good'.. So, we have the result that mystifies the 'free market' folk. Our healthcare is twice as expensive as the other countries and our outcomes are marginal at best. The OECD data on morbidity and mortality rank us somewhere in the middle of the pack of all of these other nations, yet we are paying close to 20% of our GDP toward healthcare.. It is ludicrous and the only thing keeping this insanity going is the corporations that are now considered people and can sway not only the public but our elected officials that make our laws-and at this point are shutting down services for all of our citizens all in the name of 'freedom'

      What a farce-- we are being duped by the 1% and the corporations... EVERY other industrialized nation has a base level of healthcare for all of their citizens.. I had an argument with a teaparty friend and his wife over lunch yesterday-- he spent 2 hours regurgitating Fox entertainments talking points, every time I cited facts he went back to the Freedom question.. This is a guy who was layed off in the last 60 days from corporate america-is worried about his gun rights and having to pay higher taxes.......

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      • I can guarantee you that, if the health care system (both the providers and the insurers) was opened totally to competition, the costs to the consumer would plummet.

        Basis Economics 101 teaches that a business or service, to survive, must make a profit AND provide a good or needed service/product. Take away or reduce either one, and the other fails or is reduced.

        That is how the free market capitalist system is supposed to work. Sure, the socialist system can also work, but not when they are mixed together. The partial Interjection of socialist type permutations to a capitalist system dooms both to failure.

    • You think it is going to get better now with AHC? The simplest and cheapest insurance solution would have been to allow interstate competition for ALL the insurance companies, no AHC needed. Even with AHC, you can only buy insurance from within your own state's exchange from companies approved to sell in that state. Open it up to national competition for your insurance dollars and watch the costs drop like wildfire!

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      • You’re absolutely right Quick. There were many other solutions that could alleviate the problems with our healthcare system: Crossing state lines, special pools for preexisting conditions, catastrophic coverage for young people, tort reform, etc. The problem was not with the healthcare industry but the structure of the insurance industry that serves it.

        What Madison doesn’t understand is that the affordable care act did nothing to address the raising cost of healthcare. In fact….it’s continues to go up. It was all about covering some 30 million individuals who were uninsured. Many of who did not feel they needwd to be insured. So the government did what it does best……force an over inclusive system on everyone. If your 50 years old…. do you really need maternity coverage? If you don’t drink…do you need coverage for alcoholism? The system is full of examples such as these.

        I fear this system was actually set up to fail in order to pave the way for what Obama really wanted…..single payer.

    • Now you should find the exchange nearest you and get some affordable health care

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      • "Now you should find the exchange nearest you and get some affordable health care"

        Affordable only in the sense TRILLION dollar ANNUAL deficits literally do not matter AT ALL.
        Affordable only in the sense that someone else picks up the UNAFFORDABLE portion you are are unwilling to pay.
        Affordable only in the sense that you are among the 49% who pay no income tax whatsoever and therefore socialism/communism works just great for you - so far!

        "I canceled my policy!"

        Yeah, that's ALWAYS been an option - to self-insure. WHAT! You can't afford to self-insure against the standard routine life saving million dollar medicines and surgeries currently available in modern society today! But hilariously you think insurance companies or the government can provide you something for free which you readily admit you can't afford to pay for yourself!!!!

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