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  • drionache drionache Aug 11, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    once a week drug!

    i don't want to influence anybody that reads my post.
    i am an infectious diseases specialist and treat a lot of gram positive infections including MRSA, MSSA and others.
    i used Cubicin(daptomycin) after approval, i owned TSRX shares and i know about dalbavancin for several years. once approved this drug will be unique:
    1. patients will be discharged from hospitals very fast without the need for PICC lines for home infucions. the PICC lines cause few bad complications including line infections(bacteremia) and blood clots. the fact that you can bring the patient once a week to the office for the infusion, or you can do it at home through a peripheral iv line is very good.
    2.many times, patients are discharged from the hospital while blood cultures are still pending and some of them become positive while the patient is at home. these are very stressful events. you need to contact the patient immediately, send him to an ER, repeat blood cultures and start him on antibiotics. if patient receives a dalbavancin dose in the hospital prior to home discharge you can sleep well at night. if you get the call for a positive blood culture you know that it is being already treated. just repeat some cultures next day and continue the once a week dalbavancin. no ER evaluation no readmission to the hospital no PICC line for home use.
    3.From what i understand, studies done for 8 weeks of dalbavancin, showed no significant blood cell abnormalities, which means i don't need to check weekly labs while the patient is at home. this is an amazing gift for an ID doc. no more daily faxes with lab results that need to be reviewed.
    4. I understand that the lung surfactant ( which makes daptomycin inactive for pneumonia) will not affect dalbavancin, so it will work for staph pneumonia. another good point.
    5. i am still trying to find information about bone penetration and if it is good, all my osteomyelitis (bone infection) patients will go home on dalbavancin for 6-8 weeks since it will be

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    • Thanks for such an informative post, I own 8000 shares and will add on any dip, this is a sure thing specially when insiders are invested at $9.00. NDA is in less that 2 months and approval to after 6 months from NDA. This is going to $15 in less than 8 months. Good luck to all informed investors.

    • All are excellent points! There is one "but" to your "unique drug" claim - there is also Oritavancin that is about 6 months behind Dalbavancin in development, and is pushed forward by MDCO (much greater resources than DRTX). It also showed good phase 3 data, and IT IS A SINGLE DOSE TREATMENT for MRSA - no need to have the patient come back at all! Now, THAT is unique. Diagnosis - one hour infusion of Oritavancin - go home and watch MRSA fade away in a couple of weeks. What do you think about this? I still like DRTX better as an investment because it will go from zero to hero, and MDCO already has $500M in revenue so any early years revenue from Oritavancin will have but a small impact on PPS, where in DRTX any revenue will look good when you start from zero. What are your thoughts on this?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thank you very much for your input dr, and I too was in TSRX (from $4.60, and recently just sold all at $14 following their buy out news). I got into this one fairly late at $7.15 and just recently added even more in the high 7's. Your input follows similar input that I obtained from other sources, only yours was more detailed, and very much appreciated. I think this one is the next big winner. ML says $14 is their target and they really can't figure out why this one has traded so far behind TSRX to begin with. Small market cap and not a lot of following...yet! Just my type of stock. GLTALs!

    • that is very good and helpful feedback. thanks for your opinion!

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