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  • schroe_us schroe_us Oct 16, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Anyone understand Jefferies $10 Hold call?

    Seems odd. Its the lowest call and the drug looks like a winner.

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    • golongin2008 What are all of your thoughts on ONTX ? THANKS

    • Repost from the learned FOTD:


      I like both companies and I think Jefferies likes DRTX just fine. Initiating with a hold gives their clients a chance to get in before the upgrade. IMO, look for it before the end of the year.

      A brief summary of my main thoughts on these companies: IMO, both stocks are very thinly traded and will have a lot of volatility. That said, holding long term carries little risk with either. I think the downside is minimal. They have good cash and good drugs. Not sure about management.

      DRTX is the better short term play for obvious reasons. Lots of catalysts next 12 mos. Hope and pray they don't try to market their drug on their own. I think approval is a slam dunk but the risk is that their game of chicken with big pharma ends with having to hire a team to sell the drug. That will delay any good return but should not endanger the long term as the drug has a definite niche. I would personally prescribe/administer it at least once per week. Market cap is pretty big already with DRTX. The Trius drug should be a better one and the company was a little more deep. If Trius was worth 700 million, then I'd put the b/o here at 350-500. So, while downside is limited, I believe upside is too.

      TTPH has seen a recent bump, I believe, because when insider stock became unrestricted last week there was no selling. That company has a real research arm and unique technology in the tetracycline structure that could ultimately spin off a number of good antibiotics. Their market cap is less than DRTX and it looks like the insiders are going to hold on for the long haul. There will be fewer catalysts over the next 1-2 years but I see more upside over 4-5 years than with DRTX. But, you never know when a big guy might take them out.

      I looked over INO and think the technology is good. I just don't know when they can expect to make any money. Without that insight, I will stay on the sidelines. Thanks

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