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  • drionache drionache Mar 4, 2014 8:58 AM Flag

    All depends on he price of the drug

    As you all now, I am a practicing ID guy. I have to make arrangements with Insurance companies when he patients leave he hospital to continue the antibiotic treatment at home.
    These days the doctors don't have to much power to decide what antibiotics will be used. The Insurance companies, who pay for the drugs have list of approved medications in different categories and co-pays for he patients.
    Durata needs to come on he market with a price lower than the Daptomycin, so the doctors can prescribe dalbavancin and the payors to pay for it without the need and delays of prior authorizations.
    Suggestion for the Durata team: calculate how much it costs to treat a 70-80 Kg patient for one week with Daptomycin. Let's say that one week of Daptomycin costs 3,000 dollars. Add the price of a PICC line approx 1,500 dollars and the price of CPK lab tests to be done before Daptomycin is started and one week later, let's say another 200 $. Total for one week of daptomycin treatment will be 4,700 dollars. Durata should come for the first week of treatment with a price 10% lower than the daptomycin which is 4,230 dollars.
    The second point is that the marketing should be started at the top, meaning the insurance companies. Th drug reps need to arrange to meet with the directors of the Insurance companies and show them that a good drug will be used withe less complications and CHHEPEEEEEEEERRRRRR!
    The insurance companies will place Dalbavancin on the PREFERRED list of antibiotics before Daptomycin and send a MEMO to all physicians, hospital case managers and pharmacies. The physicians will have problems using Daptomycin now, and with a little luck, Dalbavancijn will make sells of probably 1 BILLION DOLLARS in 1-2 years.
    I hope that the Durata directors, marketing team listen to me and do the above, and dalbavancin will come on the market like a storm: a good drug, once a week administrations, no need and complications from PICC lines , easy home discharge from hospitals and cheap.

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