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  • agen_follower agen_follower Mar 31, 2014 7:37 PM Flag


    ..I don't think they know who you are on this board......I need your opinion on CBST...big bet for me.....thanks.

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    • Im 17 and lost a ton on every stock ive bought what should j do?

    • Hi Agen....

      Thanks for the kind words and those of "Silver" as well. Known both of you as good posters and investors for quite some time now.

      CBST ironically acquired Trius (TSRX) which was an antibiotic company that I got involved in real early...($7) and held it through the buyout by CBST last year at around $16. Was my largest position ever in anything, so very thankful how that one worked out. Read the panels comments on their 14-0 vote to approve Tedizolid
      which ironically was much like, if not a tad harsher, then the panels recommendations for Dalbavancin.
      Seems they also directed some post approval studies but Tedi's seemed more hedged on safety, and basically said that Tedi was no better than the current standard (Zyvox) except you had an oral dosage
      option. Again...not for children. Did not mention pregnant women.

      In any event, the gram positive field is starting to get a bit crowded for my taste. I'm shifting gears, and have been for the last six months, to the gram negative players like TTPH, and the recent IPO...AKAO. Also
      CEMP down at $10 looked good to me.

      Re CBST..A great company for sure. Best of breed. But to me it would be an issue where you bought it. If you bought just recently above $70 I'd be kinda lukewarm. I think you could see CBST trade 85ish in a decent stock market but it's had a heck of a run from the 52 week low of $44. Technically it looks kind of toppy to me as well. So if you bought it 20pts ago and can take some gains I might be inclined to take some off the table at these levels. Would I be buying it tomorrow at $73 plus? Probably not. So there you go. IMHO as always!

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      • i agree! i was a speaker for cubist (cubicin) when it first came to market. great drug reps, especially bret who now is in california and shannon (his old boss) who now is at durata. shannon assambled in the south-west a very good team of clinician-speakers and daptomycin took off very well and fast. these days it all comes to money. the competition of dalbavancin is daptomycin since vancomycin will still be the first line on any insurance and hospital list because is much cheaper. these days nobody cares to much if a drug is a little better or more convenient for the patient. all new drugs are usually more expensive than the old drugs and that is why it is tough to sell them to the insurance companies and hospitals, no matter how good they are. the key to success is to bring dalbavancin to market with a price lower than the competitor, in this case, dalbavancin. if the durata will do it all longs will make money in the long run. if they will come with a price higher than daptomycin, i will sell my shares immediately.

    • Golong has a great track record. They know who he is.