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  • wm.craigbarnard wm.craigbarnard May 29, 2014 12:41 PM Flag


    I wasn't fortunate enough to get into this company a year or two back so I'm a bit disappointed in the fact that the company had a stellar review and then went THUD upon approval. This is the 4rth company in my portfolio that has done this. I have funds in 20+ companies at any given time. I'm in profits with DRTX just no deep profits.

    It seems to reflect a change in the market's interests of maybe I just picked a gaggle of weak candidates. If nothing changes between now and the end of next we we re-evaluate our position to move on.

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    • Really Craig? It was a big winner for me. This has got a long way to go. I'll hold out for another 10 points. You are too fickle to invest on your own. Might as well pay somebody that knows what they are doing.

    • "A Total Disappointment For Me."

      I guess you paid too much for your shares. Obviously an error in judgment on your part.

    • I feel your pain, and had a sim ilia feeling of disappointment. I think it's worth holding on and being patient. Maybe rumors of a buyout will move it, or with the anticipated Q2 launch things will move north. This is a great drug and will totally eat up Vanco market share. It will sell itself. Hopefully they price it right for hospitals to purchase and the cash will start rolling in.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I'm a patient who needs this drug. I've been through the kidney problems and resistance issues. The self induction of the drug is not a fun experience to deal with for weeks every 12 hours. Been there done that a couple times. The two dose process seems very beneficial. The cost cutting is just amazing.

        No home health care person invading ones privacy. Fewer Doctors visits. Better results, fewer complications. Yep, you are exactly correct. Doctors who must now administer the most cost effective therapy or it goes against their budgets, will love this therapy and ALL it lower risks and higher benefits.

        Any one who hasn't experienced the potential of death with MRSA probably can't appreciate the benefits. In my case I did die and had to be revived. I later lost several fingers to MRSA. It's not a nice disease.

    • Good, get out, I will buy your shares. but I am busy buying new shares.. Dang this is fun.. Lets play watch the
      shorts get out. one by one and two by two, You should move on. Before you lose your #$%$..

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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