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  • loriturner1960 loriturner1960 Aug 7, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

    Market watch claims that drtx missed by 3 cents but according to yahoo estimates they hit the estimate of -67c

    this morning i commented to seeking alpha that a tweet of one of their writers was totally wrong. They corrected the mistake but not before a few read it and probably believed what it said and possibly acted on it. Remember, just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true.

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    • Not that earnings really matter at this point, and the MDCO news. Earnings were pretty much in-line, approval for MDCO drug analyst's already accounted for in recent upgrades. I'll probably start dabbling tomorrow picking up a few shares about $90k worth. I was reading about AZN, they really are hurting for drugs. Who knows. The prospects of Dalvance should push this into the mid 20's NP.

    • Lori,
      I think today's reaction was a perfect storm of events, really. First, MDCO got their good news and people and shorts saw that as a negative for drtx, when in fact, it is probably negligible. Second, I think a fair number of people might have thought there would be an indication of a partnership, or breakout of sales even, in the CC and when there wasn't, the selling began. Thirdly, we were climbing back above $14 when the market reversed. Gutsy shorts may have jumped in knowing today was safe to short away and remove some of the momo crowd's shares and they ripped thru the stop losses at the open. When the dust settles, we're really back where we started before the rumor mill stepped in. I don't doubt there will be a partnership and/or an offer made for the company. But for now, we'll probably be fighting the overall market. Just my two cents ...

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      • [Gutsy shorts may have jumped in knowing today was safe to short away and remove some of the momo crowd's shares and they ripped thru the stop losses at the open.]

        minnesotta Im not a DRTX short but the writing was on the wall for many DRTX Long sharehldrs to take advantage of this oppy to SELL the last pop of DRTX to $15-16 and prepare for the drop to 13.51! Previously I sold to $18 and than rebought the next drop as well....

        I certianly did this w/ my position and it was strictly some cheap risk mitigation to lowere my cost of shares....going forward for DRTX w /Dalba is the execution of Launch period.... and Market penetration and Vancomycin is the target not MDCO....

        ..they will need to convince Docs to Switch away from ADMIT to VANCO to ER use of Dalba and Followup in Clinic and ID will support this since they will want to see #$%$ on all pats..ID will like the two dose schema imo...ER docs who just want to treat MRSA skin infections fast and furious also will get the chance because the pat is required to come back for the #$%$ dose of 500mgs, but the future is clearly single dose when approved.... both groups are going to use this drug..but only as the INHOUSE PROTOCOLS are changed and the reimbursements are positive vs Vanco admits...the NTAP/CMS hail mary pass failed and this would have gained extra reimbursement but I assume DRTX may do #$%$ work in Hospitals to gain Regulatory/Congressional support down the road..they DRTX are certainly championing NTAP for Antibiotics and when the Pediatric OSTEO work is completed that may be when the NTAP is granted? Not sure since we are on new ground w/ CMS here? The Bone Penetration work will be all the Rage next and this will differentiate DRTX from MDCO..but I think safety issues will come up w/ MDCO and I was surprised that the label was as clean as it is...I see some Coagulation issue w/ Warfarin and P-450 Enzyme Intereference which is important because so many drugs go thru Liver and P-450 including caffiene.

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