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  • dkester1 dkester1 Aug 18, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    Why 'Free Cards' aren't really 'FREE'

    Here's an example of how much I'll be saving compared to your 'FREE CARD' website.

    SMHS Price:

    Lipitor 20 mg $ 77.13
    Qty: 90 $.85 each Price :

    Lipitor 20 mg $504.42
    Qty: 90 $5.60 each

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    • butchismo420 Nov 14, 2011 1:17 PM Flag

      sure quickie,sure! prolly some hedge fund worker along with tellicastergary

    • You posted on the ANX board the clown knew to much. You told him consider yourself reported to the SEC. I've made only one connection as to where possible inside info could have come from. O.K.

      Where did those shorts come from? What company? When did the shorts arrive? When did ANX first learn about the missing samples? Who on the inside of ANX has a tie to where the shorts came from? I agree with you. They knew to much. I won't mention names over a public message board as I have no proof.

      Listen to me man. I have only one I.D. I could give a rats a$$ less about what's going on over here.


    • I'm not Dickster. So much phony B.S. goes on you don't know who's who. Makes me sick to my stomach. You made a big mistake worldfamous. You don't know it but you owe me a big apology.


      Yes from ANX

    • #1 I ain't Quickster. Never heard of him. I've used only one Yahoo ID since 1998.

      #2 I have 7 script bottles. Yesterday I grabbed one and it happen to be Lipitor. So, lets' try Plavix, it's another one of my scripts.

      SMHS Price:

      PLAVIX 75mg $62.71
      Qty: 100 $0.6271 ea

      PLAVIX 75mg $667.37
      Qty: 100 $6.6737 ea

      #3 Your wrong on math calulation? Ok, fine. I copied the info from SMHS's rx website. Looks like they didn't round up, so, the indivdual price is $0.857each.

      #4 What are you whining about? Ohyea, something about poor investment. You said something SFIO spamming, thank you very much, but I invested slowly for nine months before it made it's big pop and was sitting on 200,000 shares. But your right, I sold the first 1/2 at 1 1/2 cents and the second 1/2 at 3 cents. Then played it several times dips. Overall I did make a few dollars out of it and when they allow trading again, I will be getting back in.

      So, the real point here is the saving on the scripts. In my case, I will be savings many thousands of dollars. Oh yeah, you said something about 30 years. Let's look at that as well.

      Monthly sustainer fee for SMMHS: $30.00 times 12 months equal $360.00/year times 30 years equals $10,800 plus (only going to use Lipitor Scrpit savings here) $77.13 times 4 months (90 day supply times 4 quarters which equals a year supply) $308.52/year times 30 years equals $9255.60 for a grand 30 year SMHS price of $20055.60.

      Now how much it be using your wonderful FREE Card for 30 years at your FREE RX Plus . com

      $504.42 (90 day supply) times 4 quarters equals $2017.68/year times 30 years equals $60530.40.

      Let me think on this. I have to give SMHS a monthly $30.00 sustainer fee to save $40,000 in 30 years. YES, I'll take it. Sign me up, NOW!

    • Hold on fellow. I done my DD. I take full responsibility for the decisions I've made. I'm not down on myself at all. I look back and I would have played it the same way. S hit happens. No one could have seen that coming and you know it. Now why are you being such an a$$? I lost a lot of money to. I'm for real buddy. Not a phony bone in me. How about you? Now I had something to share with you. But you know what you can go F yourself and kiss my a$$.

    • Because I'm cautious. I won't make accusations over a message board. Don't worry about it. Sorry for the intrusion. Won't happen again.

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