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  • mista_parts mista_parts Aug 30, 2007 6:31 PM Flag


    greetings dave---I thought the board was
    getting 'cluttered' with notes from bdparts...
    so just a few items for you to put into a
    yahoo 2 year chart for each and see if there
    is room for a couple of "rinse, lather, and shave"
    type of bounces in any of these:

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    • mista_parts,

      I haven't played in retail land for quite a while as you MAY know. The seasonal trades do not appear to me to be as dependable as days of old but maybe its me. I'm a terrible judge of whats now kinda stuff that people can't seem to live with out and maybe, just maybe, if comes down to making the increased mort payment due to the ARM reset or making sure there is gas in the tank, they might forego that new car load of crap that won't fit in the new smaller house they'll have to trade down to. I'm thinkin beer, makeup and toilet paper :-)

      Actually when MYL was posted t'other night, something about it caught my eye. I'll give em a look.