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  • bdparts bdparts Jan 17, 2008 6:08 PM Flag


    greetings and just wanted to say: "nice market"

    ... --- ...

    more later,

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    • Yikes BD, Think its that bad?

      They sure did sell off my main two which makes my numbers look pretty bad but I don't worry about Berk and slide 27 of the Dec. presentation shows that FCX is just dandy down to about $2.00 copper which aint in the forcast.

      PWE is a little curious as is BJS but PSEC is in the black and MMR is fat.

      I guess GGG could guide down next week but thats another one I don't waste much time worrying about.

      NFI's preferreds are in Wachovia's hands but thats nothing new, delisting is.

      LVLT is the resurection of an old tainted love only by fairly large, recent, insider buying. It can be fun to trade.

      MHTX is a lotto ticket, nothing more.

      Wish I couldda got comfortable with something health care but while we're wishing, how bout all those puts I had a yr. too early?