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  • sat80903 sat80903 May 18, 2008 6:56 PM Flag

    'mor-of da weAk'.....................

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    • Hi Mr. Parts

      Are you familiar with Sterling? It seems to have fallen since you first brought this up. I don't think it is done yet. Once the reserves hit the financials, (if they are accurate) investors will flock to the doors. My price target is $4.56. I have been doing some work on repo's and the lenders are starting to clean up their mess. Some of them are pretty rough. When these costs start to in, I am expecting the third leg down, we keep hearing about. BWTHDINo.


      • 2 Replies to kubrock2002
      • greetings kubrock....'tanks' for your note on STSA
        I'm only familiar with them some 25-30 years ago
        when they were rapidly expanding and had a good
        story at that time.... since then haven't looked
        at em... other than their book which is somewhat
        similar to another 'old' name - - CATY which has
        sortof a similar book.......(butt, as we know,
        book can kinda drop real fast especially when one
        is not paying close attention to the facts... tanks
        again for your note.......
        more later,

      • Greetings and yes, I've heard a few things about
        sterling..........thanks for your target range.. helps....
        much of the new low list is financials and
        shoes are dropping all
        not unlikely that the worst is not over.....
        unfortunately, I'm sometimes the early person
        at the party......when one has "oh, so much
        time...." ....
        again, I truly value your input....thanks,
        ... I was kinda looking at book on it and
        on CATY and just kinda wondering .....
        no meat in the pan yet......
        more later,
        best to you,