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  • takencareofbizness takencareofbizness Dec 9, 2012 10:41 PM Flag

    Year low is in.

    Automatic assumption that a reverse split is disastrous is simplistic thinking. A weak and way over-used mantra of bashers as well.
    Companies that reverse split because of already-in-place disastrous trends do sometimes have their stock price go down, but you can't blame it all on the split.
    ASTI had put in a definite bottom. The bad news is in and it's been years coming to light.
    And we have plenty of time to comply with nasdaq.
    With a new product here and there, along with the technicals, I believe this stock is going to go up for a while.
    The chart has given an unmistakable "all clear" for continued rise.

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    • sapplee Dec 10, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

      You're right, it's not automatic but, statistics verify that it's usually not good for share holders. I've been there and done that, have you? I hope you're right and the pps goes back above $1 on its own but, if it doesn't and the company brings up a reverse split for the share holders to vote on, you better run for the hills or get ready to lose your behind. You can call it simplistic if you want, I call it realistic! I hope you're right with your last statement, "The chart has given an unmistakable "all clear" for continued rise." We just need it to go above $1 for 10 consecutive days to regain compliance with Nasdaq. You would think the company's IR and/or PR dept. would be trying their best to put out anything positive to get this thing to move upwards, right?

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