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  • ali_herts ali_herts Jan 11, 2012 1:01 AM Flag

    some better news


    In short, more gold discovered! Notice how we went up 6% today BEFORE the press-release.

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    • Whatever discoveries are made from drilling, I don't think we will get any lift off in price until after June elections. The threat of nationalisation will hover over the OT project, and thus EGIs grounds, until then. But the Mongolians would be idiots to tamper with this flagship project and would kill any hope of future investments in their country by foreigners, no matter how big the potential wealth. In the meantime it seems a decent return can be made by buying at 1.25 and selling at 1.38 and repeating over and over. If only I had some cash..

    • HN, I can't blame ya. Entree has some great properties in the Yerington District in NV but just as much bad karma. With a 51% stake in Telkwa/Honey Badger's Blackjack Property at the time, Entree had to be involved in the decision making to pull off that shady land grab with Auric. I'm not buyin' for a second they didn't know anything going on.
      A year after the shady deal they acquired the remaining 49%. After area drill results proved the Auric claims were likely the real deal.
      Auric got the $$$$, Entree got the claims. Neither Auric not Honey Badger reported jackchit about it like nothing ever happened. Isn't that amazing? That's ILLEGAL AS H***, btw.

      Contact Honey Badger for comment and they play stupid and stonewall. They say they never heard of Auric Gold & Minerals. Auric had 400+ claims with some literally BORDERING Honey Badger's claims and the top dogs all say they never heard of Auric. Just how stupid do they think shareholders are???
      Then ask them why they never reported the 100+ claims they acquired in June 2010 and of course they refuse to answer that question too. How can they? Anybody expect them to say...Ooops, I guess ya caught us tryin' to pull a fast one. Of course not.
      Instead they say to ask Entree since Entree now owns the claims. Does that make sense?
      I'm asking Honey Badger how THEY acquired the claims and they say ask Entree. Alrighty then.

      Now they're hiding like little girls hoping and praying the Compliance and Disclosure Dept. of the TSX Venture Exchange doesn't look into this. Hope they're prayin real hard cuz the TSX guys don't have to look too hard. I already gave them everything. Pretty simple case.

      Honey Badger brass gonna be in some deep doo-doo....and most likely Entree too.

      What a shame. They ALMOST pulled it off. So close. If it just wasn't for that one guy trying to dig up more proof of fraud against ITRO none of this would have ever happened. Now what? Find someone at the TSX Venture to pay off??? How do ya deal with this if you're Honey Badger or Entree?

      Btw, if anybody wants more scoop just read the ITRO board and the QMM board or email me at:

      Thank you and have a good day. :)


    • Selling pressure comes from Canada. Lots of folks there with a nice profit on their new shares. We saw @ 1.40 a whole wave of sell orders from those canadians (200k in minutes last week). Don't know who bought that stuff, but the buyer is gone since he encountered so much sell pressure. Mysterious buyer (20k a day) has stopped as well (same guy?). It's not easy to sell for me in this market - yesterday NOPE and today NOPE. I need someone who bids up - come on guys! - I want my stuff sold!! I'm sitting on this mountain of shares and I want them sold !


    • No BS at all, my friend. All the proof ya need is in the BLM and county mining claim records and the companies financials and press releases.

      Try reading them.

      If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them.

      Heads are gonna roll. That's all I can tell ya.

      Just for the record, I have no position in Entree.

      All I can tell ya is the records indicate they were most likley involved (along with Telkwa/Honey Badger) in an off the books claims purchase from Auric Gold & Minerals, a subdivision of Itronics (ITRO).
      Look at the BLM records and read Honey Badger's 2010 financial reports. See the 123 April 2010 new claims mentioned anywhere? I don't. ITRO/Auric didn't report anything either. That's fraudulent, son.

      Read. Then tell me I'm wrong. Can ya handle that?

    • Get a life. You are full of bs.

    • The U.S. and Canadian regulators have both been notified.
      Everything is detailed out on the ITRO.PK and QMM message boards. I suggest ya check 'em out since it looks like EGI had a hand in all this as well. They had a 49% stake in Telkwa when their acquisition went down in April 2010. I seriously doubt they had no idea what Telkwa was doing. I believe that about as much as I believe the high level reps from Honey Badger and Quaterra saying they never heard of Auric Gold & Minerals. They both have BORDERING claims to a company with 400+ claims and they're both saying they never heard of Auric.
      Yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny. No really, I am. And anybody who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

    • Ever thought of going to the police? If this is fraud they should do something about it.


    • 1,64 on average (in a period of 4 years buying). I'm selling some (not all) around 1.40 - today was very nice - sold several blocks.


    • Did anybody try contacting the company about the origin of those 123 April 2010 claims that show up on the BLM and county records but no mention anywhere else? Honey Badger said to ask Entree. Honey Badger (then Telkwa) were the ones who acquired the claims and didn't report it anywhere in any financial statement then they pass the buck to Entree because Entree owns them now. Like that makes sense. Then we're all supposed to believe that everything is always done legally and they take offense if ya just ask some simple questions.

      Like I said on another board, an adamant denial doesn't mean jackchit! O.J. adamantly denied killing his wife. Does that make him innocent?

      The facts are the facts.
      Fact 1. Honey Badger (then Telkwa) somehow acquired 123 claims in April 2010. FACT (per BLM and county records, now under Entree, btw)

      Fact 2. Honey Badger did NOT report a word of these new claims in their Q2 2010 financial report nor in their 2010 full year report. FACT (READ THE REPORTS)

      Shareholders have a very simple question. WHY no mention of these new claims and where did they come from? Were they free????

      Now if a company rep wants to raise his voice and say how nutty I am with all of these "crazy" comments then I have one finger elevated for them. Guess which one.
      They can all KMA. Address the facts, please. Not the person posting them.

      I'm tired of getting emails from people telling me what certain company reps are saying about me. There's 4 companies involved in this now. Itronics, Quaterra, Honey Badger, Entree. Lots of folks have questions they'd like answered and they're either getting stonewalled or they're being told I'm a nut and just ignore me. How bout addressing the FACTS? Is that too hard for them? I guess it is.

    • Yep - it only takes one guy. In this case the right guy to move EGI a little higher. I want out! :) Too much fraud around Roulette & Blackjack.


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