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  • mjbwp mjbwp Feb 21, 2010 10:57 PM Flag

    My Final Thoughts on the Dividend, Taxable Income

    First off i do not know who "wolfie" is. Mabey its an aquaintence of yours from the AKC breeders association, im not sure. second youre right I do not know much about this stock, I fell into this bucket of sh^t stock on its way down while your freakish buddies were in here chanting "Selllllllll, Selllll, Selllll" you probhably know those bashers personally, heck you probly have coffee with them on regular basis, but that is not possible you spend too much time here countering every post to possibly have a social life. FYI when this stock dropped like a lead balloon I had doubled down and put myself in a perfect position here @ close to its all time low. Upside here is infinite, downside is minimal. All risks considered. Holding til h*ll freezes over. I will not give up my shares, ..Your work is done here please go away...

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    • I have no buddies that follow stocks, and I have no friends or associates that post on stock message boards, therefore I have no freakish buddies were in here "chanting Sellllll, Sellll, Sellll". Sorry, I disagree with your analysis. For someone considering investment now, upside is finite (limited) and downside is absolute (everything). Did you go to school?

      So answer a question......WHAT IS YOUR BASIS? Unless your basis is ZERO, you have tremendous risk.

      Now that I have debunked your first comment, you have come forth and stated that you "fell" into this bucket of fish......truly sorry about that. It just reinforces my ENTIRE point on this board that investors should do a little homework. If not, and they want to trade, that's fine. But by P-U-M-P-I-N-G a stock, solely for the benefit of creating false upward momentum, they are perpetuating what is, in most instances, a classic phenomenon of "pump and dump".

      I have no problem with someone saying that "I think the price is going to go much higher based on XXXXXX". Or, "the price is going much higher". But when someone says that and references false information, that's WRONG.