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  • stluca68 stluca68 Feb 23, 2007 5:43 PM Flag

    Why wont this POS go down??

    Oh man, I�ve been hearing the same shit (the markets are going to tank, the markets are going to tank�ICE is going to tank today, tomorrow, next week, this month�no next year for sure) for as long as my little girl has been alive. BTW, she turns two in July.

    So enough with that shit Girls!!! It�s getting tired and boring�eventually some sort of market pullback will happen, but the truth is it will be nothing more then another BUYING OPPORTUNITY�and definitely not enough to save your sorry asses Shorts!!! That�s a promise!!!! So be satisfied with your nickels and dimes bitches and let us big boy make the real $$$ here asswipes!!!

    So, run along little girls because this board is reserved for men with balls and not you f-cking paupers and self-loathing weak minded pansies!!!!

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